Power-Pole Drift Paddle

Learn about the new Power-Pole drift paddle accessory coming in the fall of 2012!

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Hi, Robert Shamblin coming to you from ICAST 2012, and we're talking about the new Power-Pole Drift Paddle. It's the latest and greatest accessory from Power-Pole. Basically, it replaces a drift sock. It has a couple of unique features that separate it. It's much easier and faster to use than a drift sock. Of course, you don't have that big, nasty mess in your boat when you pull in a drift sock and your hands don't have to get freezing cold.

   The Drift Paddle actually has seven different locking positions. You can quickly and easily change positions and rotate it a full 90 degrees so that if you're running down the lake or trailering down the highway, there's no wind resistance and no drag. When you have it in the full braking position, we like to call it, just simply put it flat, lower it down in the water, and it immediately starts slowing down your boat dramatically. Very effective with one. Two is even more effective.

   It's the latest and greatest accessory from Power-Pole. You can learn more about this, and all of our Power-Pole products, at www.powerpole.com.

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