2013 Quantum Reels

ICAST 2013
Greg Hackney shows you the latest reels from Quantum, introduced at ICAST 2013!

Hi, BassResource fans. I’m Greg Hackney. We’re here at the Quantum booth, at the 2013 ICAST Show.

One of the cool things about Quantum is they always seem to stay on top of the pack. This year, case in point; the new Quantum magnesium reel. This is the 100. Magnesium reels are not new to the fishing world; they’ve been out before. This is the only one out there priced under $300, also probably lighter than most of the ones out there because of the way they cut the weight out of the spool. They just really lightened up all the product.

What that does; you wouldn’t think about a couple ounces making a difference, but after hours of being on the lake, your arms feel that. Combine that with the new Quantum Exo Tour rod. An Exo rod has been out before, but this is the new one. Probably the strongest rod that Quantum has ever built, it weighs nothing. This rod and reel combo is like fishing with air, honestly. What I like about it more than anything is the strength of it. We put a lot of pressure on our tackle, so you have to have equipment that holds up; braided line, fluorocarbon, mono, whatever you may be using.

That’s the other thing that’s cool about Quantum; you can find something that suits everyone. Is this reel perfect for everyone out there? Probably not, but I guarantee you somewhere in this line, you will find something out there that suits everybody’s hand, from baitcast or spinning reel, even to a Zebco 33.