New Quantum Reels - 2012

Kevin VanDam shows you the latest Quantum fishing reels coming out in the fall of 2012!

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Hey, Kevin VanDam here and we're at the EXO booth at the brand new ICAST show introducing our newest reels, and I'm really excited about these because this is something that I've looked forward to for a while. I love reels with larger spools. If you have a larger spool, it holds more line, and it really increases your total inches per turn or your gear ratio. So a 6:3:1 reel with a larger spool is going to bring in more line a lot faster. So we've got the fastest reels out here now.

   We've got the new 200 and 300 series EXOs. They're super lightweight, less than seven ounces, and again, they've got that line capacity where you can put 250 yards of 65 pound braid on there. So for salmon, muskie fishermen, things like that, it's great, but what I like, is I love this 200 series for cranking. Again, I can put a lot of line on there, make a super long cast, and I've got a tremendous amount of power and that fast gear ratio with it, and it's real lightweight so it doesn't fatigue you all day long.

   We did the same thing in our spinning reels. We've got new 40 and 50 sizes in the EXO, so I've got, again, a reel that weighs less than ten ounces and a large spool that gives me tremendous line capacity, but more importantly, when you match it with that fast gear ratio and that larger spool, it gives me the fastest spinning reel we've ever had as far as bringing line in. So if I throw out there and hook a smallmouth and I need to catch up to him real fast, I can reel like that and I can burn it right up to him, and it's super lightweight so it balances on just about any rod, and I'm not going to get the twists and tangles that you normally get with spinning.

   The other thing that we added to the EXO line is left-handers for the southpaws. A lot of guys love to fish left-handed, and we just didn't have that last year so we've got two new left-handed sizes there, two different gear ratios in it, in the 100 series, so we've got something for everybody.

   All the EXOs are super lightweight, super smooth, super strong, and now we've got the fastest reels out there with the extra large spools.

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