Latest RageTail Baits - 2013

Big-O shows you the latest baits from RageTail, plus gives new tips on rigging for big bass!

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Hey, folks. Steve Parks, here; Rage Tail. We’re at the 2013 ICAST, here in Vegas. For all of my friends there at BassResource, all of my friends and fans, I want to show you what we have that’s new this year.


One of the things, and I was able to demonstrate some of these at our road trip, but this is our new Cutter Worm. I want to show you how this works. It’s got the Rage flange right on the tail, here. It’s about a 6” worm. KVD and I came up with this, this past year and we’ve been working it. It is fast and it’s awesome. You’re going to love the speed of the tail on this.


Another thing, just a little trick that I want to show you with it, of course, you can fish it weightless, Texas Rig it, or whatever, but also if you Rage Rig it, put that swim bait hook on it. Another thing, you want a Shaky Head or you want to put this on a little grub, make a grub out of it, just pinch it in 2, right there. You can trail your jigs with it, you can also fish it on a little Shaky Head. This is our new Cutter Worm; we got a lot of nice colors with it. You’ll want to check that out, for sure.


Another bait that I showed you at the road trip, was our new Denny Brauer Rage Craw. You’ll see that it’s got 4 little flippers on his claws, right here. Those 4 little flippers, it makes the action of this little craw just awesome. I think you’re going to love this, too. It’s basically the same size of our regular Rage Craw, but the different between this and a Rage Craw, is remember where the Rage Craw, when you’re retrieving it on the fall, those claws, they span out a little bit and they’ve got that awesome action. This has awesome action, as well. These claws stay right behind the jig or right behind it, right here, in this profile. They don’t span out really wide, like this.


One of the things that we had a challenge with, both Denny and I, we worked on this to make sure that even on the slowest fall that all of these flanges are working and they’re right in behind the jig. The jig is interrupting a lot of water flow, but even with this little Rage Flanges on here, we can get all 4 of those little flanges working. I think you’re really going to like this, too. Good to talk to all of you. See you all next year.

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