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Mike Iaconelli tells you how he uses the new Rapala Scatter Rap.



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Hey BassResource Fans. Mike Iaconelli. I’m here at 2013 ICAST in Las Vegas. You can hear the country music playing in the background. I’m at the Rapala booth. I want to talk to you about one of the cool new products. I know you already heard about it; it’s the Scatter Rap.


The Scatter Rap for me is a game-changing crankbait. We’ve known for years that the key to a crankbait bite is getting that bait to change direction. For a lot of years what we had to do is we had to get a bait, we had to hit it against a stump, rock, or a tree and that would cause the bait to change direction. On the Scatter Rap, because of that real unique curved bill that you see on that bait, just by simply changing your retrieve speed, this bait is going to hunt, search, and change direction.


I like to fish this bait. I go from a slow, to a medium, back to a slow. When you do that without hitting anything, that bait’s going to change direction; it’s going to hunt, it’s going to search, and that’s what’s going to trigger those bass. It’s an awesome crankbait; open water, scattered cover, gravel flats. It’s going to be a killer.


The other another awesome thing is they’re available in all the Ike’s Custom Ink colors. Not only will do have that erratic movement, but you’ve got all those properties of the Ike’s Custom Ink: A faded down, muted bait, a lot of metal flake in it, then finally, that pearlescent finish that makes these things look like candy. In heavily-fished water, in clear water when these fish get real picky, these Ike’s Custom Inks colors are the real deal.


Mike Iaconelli for BassResource, at 2013 ICAST.

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