Choosing the Right Rod Length for Bass Fishing

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Confused about the ideal rod length for bass fishing? Gain clarity with expert advice from Glenn May. Understand how rod length affects fishing techniques, leverage, casting distance, and accuracy. Discover how personal preference plays a significant role in choosing between longer and shorter rods, balancing comfort with fishing needs. Find the perfect rod length tailored to your fishing style and comfort level.

There we go. There we go. That's a good fish. Yeah, okay. You can net him. Oh. There we go. It works.

So here's a question regarding rod lengths. "Hey, I see a lot of these...there's a lot of different rod lengths available out there from 6-foot to almost 8-foot. What's the right rod length for bass fishing?" Well, that's one of those "It depends" questions. You know, the answer is kind of it depends. Really, it amounts to two different things or boils down to two different things. One of them is the type of technique and cover that you're fishing. Longer rods tend to have more power. They have more leverage, so they're better for fishing say when you're in cover, you can also throw lures longer with longer rods, so it might be better, for example, crankbait fishing. But shorter rods are they're lighter. They're more comfortable. And you can make more accurate casts with them, especially shorter casts, underhand casts, and that sort of thing. It's easier to make those kind of casts and be more accurate.

The other thing, it depends on your personal preference. Some people, any rod that's over a 7-foot long can feel like they're fishing with a flagpole. You know, it's unwieldy, it's hard to control, and it wears down the wrists and the forearms over time. For some people, the lighter, shorter rods are easy to use.

So a lot of it boils down to those two things. What type of lure and presentation and cover that you're fishing as well as your comfort level in fishing the different rods.