Savage Gear Line-Through Swimbait

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Check out this innovative line-through swimbait from Savage Gear.

Hey, guys. I'm Brandon Cotton with Savage Gear Lures. And today, we're talking a little bit about the line-through swim bait.

This swim bait has got a unique feature on it. It's got a line-through that goes right through the nose, and it's got a top hook here. What's great about this bait is, inside is a channel, a hard channel inside there, that keeps the hook locked in position. So, cast after cast, it's not going to pull out of the plastic.

However, when a fish bites this bait, this hook slides out and swings freely. So, you've got the fish hooked here, and the bait slides off the line away from the fish. Another key feature of this bait is that it's jointed, and provides excellent swimming action when it's in the water.

We've also reinforced these joints with a mesh going through here. You can't see it because there's plastic actually poured over it, but this allows the bait to be very durable, fish after fish. You could check these baits out at your local retailer, or on our website at