Shimano ci4+ Tips by Mark Zona

ICAST 2013
Mark Zona shows you the new Shimano ci4+ introduced at the 2013 ICAST show.

All of my friends at; Glenn, Gene, some of you on the forums that like me and don’t. Anyway, Mark Zona, here at ICAST 2013. I am with a very close friend of mine; this right here, Chronarch CI4+. This right here, the winner of Best Freshwater Reel last night.

Here’s the thing; I’m going to walk you through a couple little things that make this reel different. Now one thing, Chronarch CI4+, what that means; lighter this year and much stronger. The other thing on here, I want you to come right here, Glenn, you ready? You see that little dial? Follow me. That right there, that is SVS infinity braking system. What that is, you all know this; when we set our reel, when we get our magnet set, we pretty much just get content and go fishing through the year. Am I right?

Here’s what you can do with the SVS infinity. If we’re throwing a crankbait and then we switch to a jig, we can adjust, on-the-fly, for a precision castability for all different types of lures. You don’t have to go back into the magnets; you can literally adjust on-the-fly. The other thing, go right there, Xship. What Xship is, for anyone if you’re like me, you know when you pick up crankbait and you’re just a winding away, and you’re like, “All right. I need a timeout. I got to pick up something slow.” You know who you are, Glenn, you know who you are. What Xship will do, it will give you more power. If you’re out there just winding away, the reel is doing the work for you instead of you doing the work for the reel. Everybody at, love you.