Shimano Curado-I

Introducing the new Shimano Curado-I.   We walk you through the features of the reel in this video.

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Hey, Robbie Gann, here with Shimano American Corporation. I want to talk to you about the brand new Curado-I. A couple new key features that we introduced in this generation, what we wanted to do with the new reel is give you more, right? You need to have more options, more performance, more technology. We've done that in three unique ways.


The first one is our X-ship technology. X-ship is a bearing supported pinion gear on both sides. So, you have . . . you basically have your pinion gear and you know, from your normal super free, you have one bearing on one side supporting that pinion gear. By putting another bearing on the other side now becomes stable. So, what that does is when you're turning the handle, burning a big crank bait or catching a lot of fish through an Alabama Rig or whatever. That gear is going to be tight in there, so it's going to give you a longer lasting gear, more torque and more power.


The next cool feature is our braking technology which is SVS Infinity. You know, we've came out with a variable break system years ago and it's probably the best braking system that we've ever done. What we wanted to do is make it so where you can adjust it on the fly. So, it has here on the side, this little dial and what this does is it adjusts a cone on the inside of the spool here which will make the reel adjustable.


So, here's your centrifugal brakes and then on this side there's this little ring here and when you adjust it, that ring goes in and out putting more or less pressure on the brakes. So now, as you're you know, you're burning the bank or whatever, the conditions change whatnot, you can adjust this. So, very cool, SVS Infinity.


The third cool technology is our S 3-D spool. It's basically a new construction, how we manufacture the spool. What we wanted to do is make it have perfect balance. You kind of refer this to a tire on your car. When your tire on your car is in balanc, it's going to last a very long time. So, we want to have a perfectly balanced spool. Vibration equals not good gearing technology, so we want to eliminate all vibration and that's S 3-D spool. So, perfect balanced spool just creates longevity, great performance.


So, on top of that you get cross carbon drag, aluminum frame, super free 5 plus 1 bearings, comes in right and left hand, 7-2, 6-3, and a 5.5 gear ratio. That's the new Curado-I by Shimano.

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