How To Skip A Jig

Learn how to skip a jig into hard-to-reach areas where the big bass await!
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Hey guys, this is Gene Jensen from Today I'm going to do a video on how to skip a jig. I'm on Pony Lake, just outside of Atlanta. It's got tons of docks. It's a perfect lake for skipping a jig. Right now the fish are underneath deep docks, so hopefully I can catch one during this video.


   What I've got here is a Duckette medium/heavy bait casting rod, a 7:1 gear ratio Revo. This is an SC. It's a Cabelas reel. They don't make them anymore. The key to skipping when you're learning is to get yourself a really light jig. This is a medium/heavy rod. It's got plenty of tip. It's not a heavy jig rod. I've got 15 pound Izor line triple X on there. I've got a quarter ounce Arkie head jig. Arkie heads are the easiest jigs to skip. Now, the trick is with this jig is that you've got a light jig. I've got a Rage Chunk trailer. You see it's got a nice flat body. That's what's going to do the skipping. Between the head and the flat body, you're going to be able to skip quite good.


   You take your skirt -- this is a living rubber skirt I tied -- not a very good jig. It's got some rust on it. It's just the only quarter ounce Arkie that I've got with me. And what you do, is you split that skirt, and get that skirt away from the bottom of that jig. You can either split it, or you can trim it, just like that. I hope you guys can see it. And that's how you set your jig up to be able to skip. And, yes, it will catch fish. All right. Let's go fishing. I can show you what I can do underneath these docks.


   All right. The key to a good skip with a bait caster is low trajectory and high velocity. So you want a really fast, low side arm cast. Let's skip it right underneath that dock. Let it sink to the bottom, real slow. Watch your line and see if it jumps. And remember, you got a quarter ounce jig on here, so it's going to take a little while to get to the bottom.


   One of the advantages to being able to get it to skip is you can get it places where these big bass hang out and they never see a lure way back underneath a dock, up under overhangs, and things like that. It's a really good advantage, being able to skip. Every once in a while you get a little loop in there. You just cast it out.


   But that's Skipping 101. Practice, practice, practice. I've heard of people practicing on the concrete. If they've got flat concrete on their driveway, they'll go out and practice skipping. Like anything with the baitcaster, be patient with it and practice and you'll get better with skipping. Like I always say, visit for the answer to all of your questions about bass fishing. Have a great day!

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