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See the new Snag Proof frog lures before they hit the stores in 2012!

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Hi, this is Bobby Barrack here at the 2011 ICAST show in Las Vegas, Nevada. I'd like to introduce you to the new Snag Proof Bobby's Perfect Buzz. That's what she looks like right there. We took the Bobby's Perfect Frog, we put some paddle feet on it, put a buzzbait blade in the front, and you have one of the most outstanding inline buzzers that has ever been made.

Lilly pads, saw grass, primrose, elodea, millfoil, outside edges, big poles, big pockets. If you guys like to fish Lake Guntersville, before that mat gets really heavily define? And you got them big holes, and that thing's 20 yards, and that big holes 20 yards inside there. If you throw the standard buzz bate over there, you might be able to buzz it through that hole, if you don't get a bunch of gunk on the blade.

This guy right here, you throw it to the other side of that mat, you buzz it across that mat, buzz it right through that hole, when she erupts on it, you give her the bad news and wind her in. I'll tell you what, we've got the Bobby's Perfect Buzz in Fred, the color Fred. We've got her in black, money, for those clear water reservoirs. Clear belly, clear legs, green back, excellent color. We've got white, brown bullfrog for those of you who are chartreuse fans, and we of course got the sexy frog.

Bobby's perfect buzz, from Snag Proof, it will be released here at the 2011 ICAST show in Las Vegas, Nevada and make sure and get you one. I tell you what, we got another bate, that's going to be coming out. It's the Guntersville  Frog. Now the guys down on Lake Guntersville, there are heavy mats of millfoil that these guys are fishing. They don't like to have the legs hanging down, they want that bait to be as small and compact as possible.

And I'll tell you what they've done, they put some little rattles that are in here, and in here, okay. If you shake that thing, it's got a nice little click, click, click to it. These guys are throwing this bait, 65 pound braid, any place that you've got heavily matted vegetation, like, using Lake Guntersville as an example, perfect place for that. That way, when that fish comes through that big mat of millfoil, or what ever it may be.

And she gets that bait, she's going to get plastic, and hooks. No chance of her grabbing the legs and pulling that frog down. So nice compact bait, the Guntersville Frog from Snag Proof lures, out of Cincinnati, Ohio. Make sure you get you one.

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