Squarebill Crankbaits In Spring

Here's how to catch bass with squarebill crankbaits during spring.


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What is up guys? This is Tyler Anderson from TylersReelFishing on YouTube, and today we're coming to you guys with another episode on the LTB YouTube channel. Now as you guys know, we make instructional videos based on rigging, retrieval, and location for each individual lure that you guys get in your monthly boxes. This month's lure is a squarebill by MonsterBass called the Hammerhead. Super realistic squarebill, awesome bait. Let's catch some fish on it. 
So the rigging is fairly simple when talking about squarebill crankbait fishing. You basically just take the crankbait out of the box, and I always switch out the hooks. Now most crankbaits, besides a few companies, don't come with great stock hooks. So I always take the hooks off the bait and replace them with 4/0 Gamakatsu extra wide gap treble hooks. These things are incredibly sharp. I've never, you know, bent out a single one of these hooks. So definitely replace the hooks in the first step.


The next part of rigging is your rod, reel, and line setup. Now, it really determines what kinda cover your fishing around. So if you're throwing your sqaurebill around super thick trees and, you know, thick grass, that kinda stuff, you wanna have somewhere between 15 and 20 pound fluorocarbon, and if you're fishing in open water pond like this with just a little bit of grass, I have 12 pound fluorocarbon on right here, with a 7 foot Lew's crankbait rod. It is a medium action rod, and that's kinda important, and I'll explain that in a later part of this video. And also a Lew's BB-1 Pro Series crankbait reel. Great setup to throw this Hammerhead squarebill. 
Now retrieval gets a little more complicated with a squarebill. So like I said, you're gonna be fishing a whole lot of different scenarios. So today I'm in a pond that's mostly, you know, mud bottom with a lotta hydrilla and milfoil. And so you wanna make sure you're reeling your squarebill pretty slowly. Just kinda like this, giving it a few jerks, and I'll explain those few jerks here in a second.


Oh my goodness! Holy moly, that thing came outta nowhere. What? I was about to start giving another tip, and this thing absolutely destroyed it. What in the world? Wow! You can't script it better than that. That was incredible. I was kinda formulating my thoughts as to why you wanna reel a squarebill slowly over the grass, and this is exactly why because those fish are sitting right on the edge waiting for, you know, a bait fish or a crawfish to come by, and they're gonna eat it like that. Well guys, let's give this fish a quick release here and get back to the tips. 
So as I was saying, you wanna kinda tailor how you work the squarebill to the kinda cover you have. So if you have grass like this, you wanna reel it right along the edge, and if it's kinda grass that gets to the top of the water, you wanna reel it super slowly as I was doing just there. And let's say you have wood, you wanna use a term called "worming", which is basically like moving a worm through the wood, you kinda wanna reel the crankbait til you hit a branch, kinda lift it over that kinda thing. And so that's what the process of "worming" is. And if you're on rocks, you really wanna bang that squarebill into those rocks and get a reaction bite from those fish. 
So one last quick tip about fishing squarebill crankbaits, especially this one in the box, is that it is not a cast-and-wind-bait. How many times have you looked in the water and seen a shad or bluegill swimming around, and it was just going like this? Yeah, the answer's never. They never do that. They always go slower, they kinda go off to the side, they speed up, they go faster. Every single bait fish out there has an erratic action, and so you rarely wanna just reel a squarebill or any crankbait back in. I love to kinda reel it about three or four times, give it a jerk, reel it a few more times, give it two jerks. Really play around with it, whatever the fish want. I've had days where literally jerk, reel, jerk, reel, jerk, reel, those fish want it as aggressively as possible. So that's kinda how you retrieve this squarebill crankbait. 
So a great place to throw this Hammerhead squarebill is basically anywhere in your ponds and lakes. So in the springtime, bass will move up, they'll get ready to spawn, but as you can see right now, it's windy and we're about to get another cold front with some more rain. Here in Texas, we've had too many cold fronts to count. Are you kidding me? Goodness gracious. This is... But I guess the cold front doesn't really matter because we're catching fish. But as we're talking here, these fish are moving up. I fish this bank about 20 minutes ago and got one tiny fish. And in the, you know, 15 minutes that the wind's been blowing upon this bank, these fish have been moving up. And wow. Chunky, chunky, hopefully pond female fish getting ready to spawn. I can't get through these tips without catching a fish. Wow.


So I keep getting rudely interrupted. I'm not going to complain about that, but I love throwing the squarebill around areas of transition, so from grass to mud bottom, from rock to wood, that kinda area, because fish love transitions. I've even caught fish in between the transition of sunny and shady. Like the shady side of a dock, I've caught fish on that side. So that's basically where you wanna throw your squarebill, and of course any sort of structure you see in your pond, any curves, any bends, anything of that nature, is where you're gonna catch those springtime sqaurebill fish. 
So another crucial part of...as you guys can see, of squarebill fishing, is that these fish will often hit it with extreme power. Like, they'll come outta nowhere and nail this thing. Oh, I had a bite there. And so you wanna make sure the medium rod has a super soft tip because if you have a medium heavy rod or something like that, those fish are gonna nail it and you are gonna pull the hooks right outta their mouths. So you wanna make sure you have a nice supple rod to throw the squarebill.


Oh my goodness! Dude, big one. Big one. It felt like a big one. Right on that grassline as I was talking about. Oh yes. Yes, okay, where should I go? I'm gonna go down here. Follow me. Come on. Good way to end the video right there. Oh and he ate it. Oh, you swallowed that thing. This is, folks, how you want them to eat the squarebill when they get it, down there.


Oh man, squarebill fishing in the springtime is an awesome way to catch fish, and you guys are lucky you got one like this in your lucky tackle box. We'll see you next time.

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