How To Stay Warm While Fishing

Here are some great tips and tricks to help you say warm while fishing in cold weather!
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Hey guys. This is Gene Jenson, from I’m going to do a real quick video on staying warm in the wintertime. This winter’s been a mild winter for Georgia and North Carolina. I’m up in North Carolina right now. Our air temperature this morning was in the low 30s; a little bit of frost on there. I don’t have to deal with the cold that a lot of you guys do, with the water freezing solid and things like that.


In the wintertime, those of us who can get our boats on the water, we really need to be careful as to how we prepare and how we dress for the wintertime. As you can see here, I’ve got some good rain gear on. I’ve got my jacket back there. That is my most important thing, the thing I’m willing to spend the most money on. That’s because a lot of times I’m riding in a boat that goes 60-70 miles an hour, and in that cold weather, you’ve got to have something that’s going to break the wind. Good rain gear is always important. Fleece; being able to layer. You hear about this all the time: Layering your clothing for cold weather.


Let’s start with the very first thing, your thermals or your long johns. I like polypropylene. I use 2 to 3 different types of polypropylene, depending on the weather; something that wicks away the sweat and your perspiration during the day. Then I’ll throw on a t-shirt or a long-sleeved shirt, and then on top of that, a fleece hoodie. There is nothing better than fleece to hold your heat in. Then a good pair of pants, a good pair of boots, and a good pair of socks. I’m not going to . . . a couple of my friends who know me very well are laughing right now because I don’t wear socks in the wintertime. I wear Crocs with holes in them, and my feet stay warm. Don’t ask me why; I have no clue. My friends give me a hard time about it. I don’t have any socks on right now, either, and I’m wearing a pair of holey Crocs.


I’m going to show you a trick that I picked up probably 3 or 4 years ago when me and the owner of BassResource, Glenn May, were at the Bassmaster’s Classic. We got an opportunity to go out and just observe on the last day of practice before the classic. Glenn went out with Mike Iaconelli, and before we left for that morning, we were talking about how they stay warm and things like that. This trick is . . . this is totally . . . this is what Mike told us, so I don’t take any credit for it, but go to the drugstore and you pick up a box of heat wraps, the ones that go around your back. They’ve got these little things that are just like hot hands. You stick these things down in those little pockets in that strap, and strap them around your back before you put your long johns on.


It was freezing that morning; I’m talking ice on the guides. It snowed a couple days before. It was cold in Alabama that morning. Those heat wraps kept my core temperature pretty dang warm. They were perfect and they lasted all day. Then what I’ll do is reuse that wrap, that strap, and I’ll put hot hands in it and I’ll use it over and over again. One of these days, I’m going to ask my wife to make me one that just straps around and I won’t have to keep buying these. That’s a good thing to pick up. It was a great idea.


When you get on your boat, another key thing is to make sure that your boat is prepared. Make sure that inside your boat you have a change of clothing. I have a dry bag in that hatch right there that has a change of dry clothing, a towel. It’s just pull-on clothing. I’ve got a pair of fleece sweatpants and a fleece jacket that I throw on if I ever fall in the lake. Just make sure that you have all your safe . . . your boat’s running well, things like that. I could go through that forever. Just be careful in the wintertime. You fall in the water; these cold temperatures can kill you pretty quick so be prepared. Like I always say, visit for the answers to all your questions about bass fishing. Have a great day.

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