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Justin McClelland shows you the new 2013 Stratos 294!
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Hi.  I'm Justin McClelland. I'm here with the Stratos 294.  I'm  going to talk to you guys a little bit today about the Stratos 294.  Let's go ahead and start here with the trailer.  We have fiberglass fenders and it come standard with aluminum wheels on it and armor tough coating on the trailer.  It's an absolutely beautiful looking boat as a whole.  You can color it in any color that you want.  And it's great for just your weekend angler, and even your more up to speed tournament fisherman.  Your talking about a boat that's going to run in about the mid-seventies.   And everybody's all about speed these days, and this boat's got the speed, and has a performance like you're 21 footers have.


Okay, we're going to start back here on the back deck of the boat.  Let's start in the rear box area.  What's awesome about this boat is nobody ever has enough space for all there batteries and everything.  This boat is laid out awesome, you can get right in here to all your bilge area, your battery area, and it makes it very easy if you need to work on your batteries, or if you need to get back here in your bilge area to change a pump out, or any of that stuff.  It's just very easy to operate and get into, and that's one great feature about this boat. 


Then on top of that, we have a 30 gallon gas tank in it, so it holds more than enough fuel to get you where you need to go in any day.  You have two dry boxes on the rear of this boat. You' have very nice sized boxes for your co-angler, or even your buddy, if you get your buddy in there, or if you just want to store a couple of life jackets or towels If you're just out enjoying the day on the water.


I'm going to go ahead and step in the boat, now, and take a look at the livewell area.  There are great sized livewells in this boat.  They're very deep livewells, not really shallow livewells like a lot of boats have gone to these days.  This is a very easy to use livewells system, and it's a great tournament friendly livewell system.


Now we're going to talk about the cockpit area.  First, let's start right here with the step.  That your cooler, a great sized cooler.  It keeps your ice really, really nice in cold, and keep your drinks cold all day long.  You have a great sized area for a cockpit area.  We only have a single consul in here, and it has nice steps.  It's very tournament friendly.  You have No-Skid right here to clean your seats, so you don't have to step up on the seat all the time and tear your seats up.  You have great room. This dash will hold up to an HDS7 in the dash, and you have very easy to use switches. 


As far as performance in this boat, you're looking at, fully loaded, a guy my size and my partner, we get 72 and a half, 73 miles an hour with a 200 on this boat.  When you talk about to dry riding boat, I've never been on a boat as dry as this boat is.  It keeps you dry all day.  You get so much wave splash, especially fishing on Grand (lake) all the time, you'll get wave splash in all these other boats, whereas this boat's going to keep you dry.  Is going to keep you out of the water and you're not going to want to get out of the wind in this boat.


Now let's get up on the front deck.  I'm going to start here on the center storage in the front deck.  It's got great storage room on the front deck.  We have tackle trays down here, where you can put all your Plano boxes and you can keep all your stuff nicely organized.  I'm big about keeping my stuff organized, and those tackle trays, right there, are great for you Plano boxes, 3700 size, to slip right in there and hold 10 to 12 Plano boxes in there. 


Plus you have more storage underneath.  Every angler is looking for more storage for his rain gear or his life jackets.  With the storage up underneath, you can slide your rain suit after you take it off on a cool morning, slide it up under there, and get it out of the way of your tackle area.


Next I want to go to the rod box, your rod storage.  It has a 6 rod tubes in the tip of the boat, but it's going to hold anything from 14, all the way up to 20 plus rods in the boat.  I store 22 rods in my boat.  It holds up to a seven and a half foot rod.


Next, we want to go to the driver side rod box.  I store all of my tackle, my plastics in everything, in the storage box, and it keeps everything nice and organized, dry, and you've got lots of room.  That's what's so awesome to me about this boat.  You've got lots of room in it, lots of room to move around and do things with.  Whereas with most 19 and a half feet boats, you're not going to have the .like this boat has.  We have a giant cockpit area, and so many guys have a struggle with needing a bigger area to work on their tackle and keep everything organized.  This boat has it, and that's why I picked the Stratos.  I cannot believe how great of a performance boat, and how easy this boat is to operate and get the maximum performance that you and every other angler are wanting out of the boat.


Okay, now, we're up here on the front deck of this boat.  This boat has all the room an angler could need.  There's more than enough room for you and your partner on the front deck of this boat.  My partner and I always get up here on the front deck and fish together.  I'm a bigger guy too, and what's nice about it is that there's the room that I want, and even the room for him.  There have been times I've had three people up on this front deck, and been more than comfortable enough to fish.  It's very easy to get to your buttons and switches.  If that means you have to get down here and trim your motor up with your foot, or even reach down here to get your accessory switch and turn on your navigation lights.  Also, your graph sits in there nicely, and it's easy to get to your electronics, as well. 


This boat has 24 volt trolling motor which is more than enough for this boat.  I've upgraded mine to 36 volts and it dang near gets this boat on pad.  24 volts on this boat is very, very efficient.  It's going to get you what you need, and you’re going to have a great day on the water, and you're going to stay dry in this boat, and the performance is phenomenal on this boat.

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