Trokar Dropshot Hook

Skeet Reese shows you the new Trokar dropshot hook, introduced at the 2013 ICAST Show!

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Hi, I'm Skeet Reese. And, look, there's another Skeet Reese. But I didn't know I had blue eyes. Do I? I don't have blue eyes. It's amazing. Does that look like me? You've got a big head. Oh, my gosh.


Hey, we're here at the ICAST show in Las Vegas, Nevada. I'm in the Eagle Claw TroKar booth right now. What do we have new from TroKar? If you didn't know, TroKar is the world's sharpest hook. End of story. There is no other hook that is even remotely close to being sharper.


So, now that we got that out of the way, hey, drop shotters. Yeah, I'm a drop shotter, too. And those of you that haven't drop shotted, oh, I don't want to grab a spinning rod. Hey, I just won Westpoint with a spinning rod. So, don't say you can't win with a spinning rod.


What's new from TroKar? We've got a new drop shot hook. Little trim. We've got a spinning hook system here, so you can tie one in a swivel, tie the other end here. I can turn it up the other way if you want, now. It's hard to do when I got to put line in. But now, this hook can spin around.


Because if you've ever drop shotted and you nose hook a bait, that sometimes it doesn't matter how you rig it, and you reel it in, you saw that worm going [makes noise], go and spin up your line, and then you go to cast a little bit later and you'll [makes noise]. He's got a big gnarly knot nest in there, it's called line twist. And it happens a lot when you're fishing a drop shot.


So, I'll give you a little tip. Get you a spinning drop shot hook, TroKar here. Oh, you want it? Here, it's easier to look like that. There you go. So, you've got the ultra sharp, world's sharpest hook and it spins, so you're going to eliminate that spin coming up your line. And it's going to save a lot of headaches and it's going to help you catch more fish because, bottom line, you're getting more cast out there and your line's not getting tangled. So, check it out.

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