New Trokar Hooks

ICAST 2011
See the new Trokar fishing hooks debuted at the 2011 ICAST show!

All right. Skeet Reese here at the 2011 ICAST Show, Las Vegas. You've got to love Vegas. Why? Because you get the coolest, latest, greatest products right here.

See that? TroKar, that's the world's sharpest fishing hook. End of story. Done. Guess what? We've got some new models, baby. Woo Hoo! Watch your fingers. It's a little sharp. All right, starting up here, TK125. It's a wide gap hook but look at the nasty little keeper up top there. It's nasty. What that does is it keeps your bait up there a lot better without falling down.

Here's one. Actually, here's two that I've been waiting for: TroKar trouble hooks. TK300 is a standard, round bend hook; TK310, wide gap hook, the ultimate trouble hook ever made. It's lethal. You can even get a bite. It's all over the head.

And now, if you're a steelhead and salmon fisherman, you're using an Octopus hook or even some bass fisherman like to using a small Octopus hook for dropshotting, here's the new octopus TroKar. So, I can get you a big one there. I can get you one, but that is bad to the bone. TroKar troubles and hooks, that's what's new at TroKar this year.

Welcome to ICAST, baby.