New Trokar Hooks - 2012

Skeet Reese shows you the lates Tokar hooks coming out this fall!
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Hey, Skeet Reese here from We're in the Lazer Trokar booth, Wright McGill. If you haven't fished a Trokar hook you don't know what you're missing. Hands down, it's the world's sharpest hook. There's other hook companies out there, but none of them even come remotely close to being as sharp. What does that mean? It means you're going to hook and land more fish, bottom line. The sharper the hook is, the quicker it's going to go into the fish, and hopefully you're going to put a lot more in the boat.

   There are some new hooks coming from Trokar this year. I'm letting you know, if you love salt water fishing, they came out and put the baddest line of salt water hooks you could ever imagine. I mean, I love salt water fishing so I got all geeked out when I saw them. If you want a super sharp, big game hook for catching any off shore stuff, check out the new salt water size Trokars there.

   Now, back to BassResource and helping you out to catch more fish there. We've done a really good job as far as getting Trokars out there for all the bigger baits. We've got a drop shot hook and things like that. But I've had some gaps in there. Everybody has got different styles they like. This year what we've done is we've come out with the wacky hook. It's a wider gap, Trokar point, super sharp, and this is the weedless version. So if you're fishing a wacky rig Senko or a nail weighted worm, you can fish it actually on a drop shot. You can fish in lots of different ways, but that wider gap... Especially if you get out and you're catching those big smallmouth, they've got the big thick jaw bones, you've got to have a wide gap hook to get around it. You can fish a little mosquito hook a lot of times, but it's hard to hook. But you get around any type of grass, vegetation cover, you need to be weed less with a finesse hook, you've got that one.

   Now we've also come out with the same hook that's not weedless, and there's assorted sizes, but just a wider gap, small finesses hook if that's the style you're looking for. So it gives you a little bit bigger gap in there. Hopefully, it will put more fish in the boat. Lazer Trokar, it is the world's sharpest hook and they're made in the USA.

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