Tuf-Line Tournament-8 Braided Line

Here's a first look at the Tuf-Line Tournament-8 Braided Line coming soon.

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Hi, Luke Clauson here at the 2014 Classic. We're at the Tuf-Line booth. Tuf-Line was the originator of braid and still the best out there.


It started with the old salt-and-pepper braid, this is years ago back in the late '80's early 90's, we saw this stuff come out and it has evolved tremendously since then.

It went to the Tuf-Line XP, it's a braid I've used for a long time that's really a great braid, all-around braid, awesome. 


Now there's something even better coming out, the Tournament-8.  It's a super smooth, eight carrier braid, the smoothest braid I've ever used. It's amazing how it comes off the reel, whether it's a spinning line or even the way it comes across a baitcaster. It makes your casting more accurate, less noise in the water, really the best braid I've ever used.


You need to check it out, it will be out this Spring 2014.

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