Molix Lover Treble Hook Jig

Check out this unique vibrating jig from Molix.  It has a treble hook!

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Hey, Bass Resource fans, Mike Iaconelli back here at ICAST 2012. I want to talk to you a little bit more about a brand new bait that I designed with Molix called The Lover. One of the reasons we called it The Lover is you're going to love this thing. It's going to catch a lot of fish.

   The Lover, in its basic form, is a vibrating jig. It's a little different because we've got a reverse shovel lip on it, but one of the things we wanted to do with this Lover is offer it in two different models. We've got our standard model which has a fine skirt, and it's got a heavy-duty flipping style hook on it and that straight shank hook you can put a trailer, you can rig it Texas, you can fish it around weeds and cover and vegetation.

   But we also wanted to create a version of Lover that has a treble hook on the back. If you know about fishing traditional vibrating jigs, especially under extreme conditions, cold water, pressure fishing situations or dirty water, you know about the slaps, getting slapped, or getting knocked at and not getting the fish in the boat, especially in cold water. You throw that vibrating jig out and you reel it, one knocks it and you don't get them. They're just slapping at it.

   Well, we designed a second version of Lover that has a feathered treble hook on the back. It's got the same split ring so that thing's swinging free, but now when those fish slap at the bait because it's got that super sharp treble hook on it, you're going to hook them every time.

   Let me tell you something. If you like fishing vibrating style jigs, if you want to fish under extreme conditions and catch those fish you've been missing, try The Lover with the treble hook on the back. I guarantee you're going to put those fish in the boat.

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