The Victory Rainsuit

Skeet Reese and Brent Chapman team up in the hilarious video to show you the new Victory Rainsuit introduced at the 2013 ICAST show!
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- Skeet:        This is Brent Chapman. He's a super star. The 2012 Bass Master Toyota Tundra Angler of the Year. It doesn't get any better. Look at him. He's a machine.


Hey, I'm Skeet Reese, by the way. Hey, what we're going to do, we have a new rain suit here, the Victory rain suit, and we're going to simulate what happens when we're on the water and a thurderstorm's coming. You're like, "Oh, I've got to get my rain gear on quick."


So, to demonstrate that to us, Brent Chapman has volunteered to see how fast he can get this new Victory rain suit on. Who's got a stop watch? Alright. You ready?


- Brent:            Everybody's got a stopwatch.


- Skeet:            Okay. On your mark, get set, go.


- Brent:            Alright. It's raining. I'm getting wet here. I got to put the bottom on.


- Skeet:            Dude, this is like survival suit. Deadliest Catch. Come on. Ten seconds.


- Skeet:            Dude, you might meet that 60 second minute. Oh.


- Brent:            Getting a little wet.


- bystander:     Go, go, go.


- Brent:            Getting a little wet.


- Skeet:            Dude, you've got to get it zipped. Come on. Come on. Cha-Ching! He did it. And bottom line is...


- Brent:            My head's getting wet, but...


- Skeet:            No, but turn around, and show them your behind. Look how good he looks. Look at him. Boy, that was cheating. You didn't have the hood out, but look at him.


- Brent:            I'm getting...


- Skeet:            I'm like Vanna. Look. He's got yellow tassels on his chest.


- Brent:            I've got cozy pockets.


- Skeet:            Alright. That is the lightweight Victory rain suit by Wright McGill. The good thing about it is when it's pouring down rain, and he gets soaking wet, it doesn't pull in between your shoulders, and get that little sharp pain that's uncomfortable. And you can feel all that...


- Brent:            Fish out of water. Come on. Somebody dump some water on me, please.


- Skeet:            If I had some, trust me, I would gladly do it. So, Brent Chapman, thank you. BassResource, see you.

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