ANGLR Tour Launched

ANGLR Tour Launched New video series documents 60 day fishing trip.

ANGLR decided that one of the best ways to show the fishing community what their new Bullseye, a bluetooth button for hands free recording on the water, and the new version of ANGLR mobile and web are capable of, is to show them in action on the water!

They connected with Jacob Jesionek and Alex Ro, two Ohio State University collegiate Bass anglers, fish biologist, vloggers, adventurists and laying the groundwork to pull off an epic two month fishing trip around the east coast.

The ANGLR Tour was born.

Landon Bloomer, ANGLR Co-Founder, stated that “Jacob and Alex represent the avid angler who never wants to leave the water, who constantly want to measure and improve their skills, learn from others, and connect with other like-minded anglers. They are the humble and hungry fishing experts that we are all about supporting.”

For 60 days, Jake and Alex are traveling over 10,000 miles across 35 states to catch over 25 species, 10 state fish, and compete in the 2018 FLW college national championship on Red River, LA.

At each stop they will be targeting certain species. But, most recently, they’ve hit on a few famous Bass hot spots like Sam Rayburn, Lake Fork, Lake Guntersville, Ross Barnett, and Lake Lanier. Over these trips they have caught over 100 pounds of various species of Bass. We had the chance to catch up with them about the experience, what they’ve learned, and what they are looking forward to next.

Jake comments,  “I’m from Ohio. The Bass fishing near me isn’t anything worth calling home about.  But after being down south, I’ve already called home a few times. The Bass fishing has been fantastic and we still have Texoma, Lake Fork, and Sam Rayburn coming up.  We’re stoked!”

Nic Wilson, CEO of ANGLR: “We’re very excited to be right around the corner from releasing a new version of ANGLR with a new Bluetooth device called Bullseye and a social aspect to the software that allows for collaboration between anglers, but of course still keeping everything private by default. We are serious about tools that capture the fishing experience for anglers so they have all the details for improving, competing, collaborating, and more on their smartphone, tablet, or desktop.  We lay in bed thinking about fishing so we believe having our passions accessible 24/7 is a great thing.”

You can learn more about ANGLR and their tour by visiting the ANGLR Tour page.

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