BassForecast Accurately Predicted Winning Pattern

BassForecast Accurately Predicted Winning Pattern BassForecast accurately predicted winning pattern of 1st major Bass Tournament in 2019

Del Rio, TX – Saturday, January 5, 2019.BassForecast, a mobile app custom designed for bass anglers to forecast bass feeding behavior, accurately forecasted the winning pattern on Lake Amistad 10 days prior to the FLW Costa Series 2019 Tournament series opener. 


Ray Hanselman of Del Rio won the event by targeting Bass transitioning from winter to pre-spawn staging spots.  He found the winning fish in a ditch located on a flat in a creek arm.  Ray stated that a Strike King 5XD crankbait was his main bait.  


The BassForecast new TIPS feature accurately predicted both the winning location and baits 10 days prior to the event. Click on this link to view the 26 second video recorded 1/1/19 for Del Rio (Amistad) on 1/5/19 


In this video, you will clearly see that BassForecast recommended "Migration routes to spawning areas" and even included a sample visual of a ditch located in a creek arm leading to a spawning area. You will also see that "Crankbait" was the #2 recommended bait (out of 13 possible bait categories).


BassForecast Co-founder, Mike Mehlmann (aka “Basstradamus”), an avid bass fisherman and self-proclaimed “bass science geek” said,“We actually forecast the Del Rio/Amistad Tourney 10 days prior on 12/27/18, but did not get around to recording the video until 1/1/19.  In the summer of 2018, after nearly a year of research and development, we added a Tips feature to our product that auto adjusts for season and conditions to offer Bass Anglers patterning ideas in 3 areas; location, presentation and baits.  A lot of engineering, time and effort went into developing our software and it is really rewarding to see it forecast a tournament winning pattern 10 days prior to the tournament.”


Unlike other “freshwater/multi-specie” fishing forecast apps, BassForecast is a specialized, technical electronics tool that targets only Bass, which prefer different water temperatures (and other environmental conditions) than other freshwater species, like trout for example.  It has been getting high ratings and reviews and in 2018 was ranked as high as #52 out of 50,000+ sports apps listed on the App Store. 


Basstradamus does offer a word of caution to Bass Anglers expecting a silver bullet, “Fishing is still fishing and nothing works 100% of the time.  But, by forecasting the mood of the bass, BassForecast helps anglers make much better educated guesses prior to hitting the water so that they can have some extra patterning ideas if their 1st thoughts don’t pan out.  Used consistently, BassForecast will improve catch rates over the long term…and for non-tournament ‘working man/woman’ anglers who have limited time, BassForecast helps them pick the days up to 10 days out that give them the best bass catching odds.”


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About BassForecast

Founded in 2016, BassForecast LLC is a Texas based firm company dedicated to providing bass anglers the very best, scientifically validated data related to bass feeding behavior so that they can make the most out of their time on the water with a simple easy to use tool that will not only help to catch more bass on the day, but will make them better bass fishers.  BassForecast helps you plan bass fishing trips just like the pros, so you can catch more and bigger bass.

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