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The Best Bass Fishing Lakes in Georgia

Largemouth bass are one of the most popular freshwater gamefish in Georgia, and for good reason. Georgia ranks as one of the top states when it comes to largemouth bass fishing, making it difficult to narrow down the top choices. While many bodies of water in Georgia produce their share of giant bass every now and then, the ones listed below are known for consistently kicking out numbers of big bass, which is why they're listed as the best bass lakes in Georgia. 

  1. Lake Eufaula on the Alabama-Georgia border is a well-established bass fishing destination, that pumps out giant bass on a regular basis. The legendary fishery boasts an abundant above-average sized largemouth bass population, making Eufaula a "must visit" site for serious bass anglers.
  2. Clark's Hill Lake in Northern Georgia has an abundant blueback herring population, which fuels the growth of resident largemouth bass. Dozens of feeder creeks, submerged islands, and humps provide ample structure for bass to feed upon. The non-stop action makes this a destination for many bass anglers.
  3. Lake Seminole is located at the Florida-Georgia line, and hosts a healthy largemouth and striper bass population. Vast acres of hydrilla and submerged timber make up the majority of habitat. The stripers make for some exciting fishing action.
  4. Lake Hartwell is another Northern Georgia lake with a healthy blueback herring population. The abundant largemouth and spotted bass populations make this a popular lake for professional and local tournament circuits. Despite the fishing pressure, Hartwell continues to produce big bass.
  5. Lake Allatoona consistently boasts the highest catch rate in the state despite heavy fishing pressure. Loaded with spotted bass, the average size is low by comparison to largemouth bass lakes. But the continuous action more than makes up for it.  Rocky shorelines and bluffs are abundant, with the occasional made-made structure often holding large schools of bass.
  6. Lake Burton is located in the northeast corner of Georgia and offers fantastic striper and largemouth bass fishing.  This is another lake with blueback herring as the primary forage, which the bass readily feed upon. Stripers are routinely above average in size, and a real opportunity exists to tie into a trophy largemouth bass.
  7. Lake Blackshear in Central Georgia may surprise a few to make this list.  Fishing can be tough on Blackshear, but the above-average sized largemouth bass make up for it. If you like flipping and pitching, this is THE place for you, as the lake is filled full of bass holding targets. A carefully placed jig or worm can result in a 5-pounder at the end of your line.


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