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The Best Bass Fishing Lakes in Maine

While bass are not the most popular freshwater gamefish in Maine, the state still ranks as one of the top states when it comes to largemouth and smallmouth bass fishing opportunities. While many bodies of water in Maine produce their share of big bass every now and then, the ones listed below are known for consistently kicking out numbers of sizeable bass, which is why they're listed as the best bass lakes in Maine. 

  1. Cobbosseecontee lake hosts ample populations of big smallmouth and largemouth bass eager to smack your lure.  Largemouth over 6 pounds have been caught in recent years, and the nonstop action from 3-5 pound bass has helped earned Cobbesseecontee as one of the best bass fishing lakes in the region.
  2. Moosehead Lake produces healthy numbers of giant smallmouth bass, despite the state's efforts to eliminate them.  Trophy bass in the 4-6 pound class are increasingly common, with legendary lunkers well within reach. Moosehead does not allow tournaments, but recreational anglers routinely visit this world-class smallmouth fishery.
  3. China Lake has a well-earned trophy bass reputation.  It routinely produces largemouth and smallmouth bass in the 4-6 pound range, with many pushing double-digits each year. As a result, China lake is a popular destination tournament and recreational anglers alike.
  4. Grand Lake Stream is known for an abundant smallmouth bass population.  Its popularity has increased in recent years, yet it continues to support a very healthy bass population in the 2-4 pound range.  100 fish days are not uncommon.

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