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The Best Bass Fishing Lakes in Mississippi State

Largemouth, smallmouth, and spotted bass are top gamefish in Mississippi state, and for good reason. Mississippi ranks as one of the top states when it comes to producing giant bass. While nearly every body of water in Mississippi seems to produce a giant bass every now and then, the lakes listed below are known for consistently kicking out trophy bass, which is why they're listed as the best bass lakes in Mississippi state. 

  1. Pickwick Lake, along the Alabama and Tennessee borders, it's best known for its trophy smallmouth fishing, but also has a healthy largemouth bass population too. For decades, Pickwick has been kicking out big bass on a regular basis, despite heavy fishing pressure.  The climate and habit combine to create an ideal environment for growing giant bass.
  2. Lake Ferguson has plentiful quality largemouth bass. It routinely pumps out largemouth bass in the 3-5 pound range, with a true trophy possible with every cast. Catch rates are high, and the non-stop action makes this a popular destination for tournament and recreational anglers alike.
  3. Bay Springs Lake routinely pumps out spotted bass bass in the 3-5 pound range, with a true trophy over 7 pounds possible with every cast.  Bay Springs Lake also produces some double-digit largemouth, with an occasional fish breaking 11 pounds.  For fishermen who want to target big spots and monster largemouth bass, they must include Bay Springs on their annual fishing schedules.
  4. Neshoba County Lake is a small lake that produces plentiful trophy bass.   Giant largemouth exceeding 10 pounds are almost routine. The diverse habitat and structure combine to create ideal growing conditions for these huge bass.  True trophy hunters ensure they make a trip in the hopes of catching a personal best.
  5. Neshoba County Lake, located near the metropolitan Jackson area, is a true trophy bass fishery. It has an abundance of standing and fallen timber, numerous deep creek channels, weedy shallows, and plentiful shoreline due to its unusual shape.  The MDWFP manages it as a trophy lake. As a result, it often kicks out monster bass up to 15 pounds.

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