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The Best Bass Fishing Lakes in Ohio

Largemouth and smallmouth bass are some of the most popular freshwater gamefish in Ohio, and for good reason. Ohio ranks as one of the top states when it comes to producing trophy bass. While many bodies of water in Ohio produce their share of giant bass every now and then, the ones listed below are known for consistently kicking out trophy bass, which is why they're listed as the best bass lakes in Ohio. 


  1. Lake Erie is highly regarded as a trophy smallmouth lake.  For decades, anglers have consistently caught big smallmouth bass every year, due to the abundant forage and excellent habitat Lake Erie offers.  But did you know Lake Erie also has an abundant largemouth bass population?  And big ones too! Largemouth bass in the 3-5 pound class are becoming more common.  The giant smallmouth and a healthy largemouth population combine to make lake Erie a top destination for serious bass anglers.
  2. Portage Lakes produces both numbers and sizes of giant largemouth bass every year.  It boasts a healthy largemouth population and has one of the top catch ratios in the state. It's actually a series of lakes offering a wide variety of cover, structure, and forage, which contribute to the consistent quality of bass fishing.
  3. Knox Lake is a relatively small lake, but is designated as a trophy largemouth lake. With a minimum size restriction of 18", this lake offers a high concentration of big bass, and one of best opportunities in Ohio for catching a lunker of a lifetime.  Double-digit bass are possible, making this a prime big-bass location for serious trophy bass anglers. 
  4. Alum Creek Lake, located near Columbus, offers abundant largemouth and smallmouth populations.  The fertile waters and various offshore and shallow water structures combine to create the perfect habitat for growing large numbers of healthy big bass. The catch ratios are high, and the variety of fishing opportunities seemingly endless. This makes for a fantastic fishing experience for all bass anglers.



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