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The Best Bass Fishing Lakes in Wisconsin

Largemouth and smallmouth bass are one of the most popular freshwater gamefish in Wisconsin, and for good reason. Wisconsin ranks as one of the top states when it comes to producing trophy largemouth and smallmouth bass. While many lakes and reservoirs in Wisconsin produce their share of giant bass every now and then, the ones listed below are known for consistently kicking out trophy bass, which is why they're listed as the best bass lakes in Wisconsin. 

  1. Sturgeon Bay is well-known for it monster smallmouth bass, and is highly regarded as one of the best smallmouth fisheries in the nation.  This amazing fishery often produces 5-6 pound bass, and sometimes larger. Many believe the next state record will come from Sturgeon Bay, which means a double-digit Goliath smallmouth bass!
  2. Wisconsin River has an abundant smallmouth population offering nonstop action. While the average size might not reach trophy status, the constant current makes these fighters as strong as bigger smallmouth bass. That said, the occasional smallmouth bigger than 4 pounds is always within reach.
  3. Lake Owen offers plentiful largemouth and smallmouth bass in both size and numbers.  Most fish average between 2 and 3 pounds, but Lake Owen is starting produce fish exceeding 6 pounds.  The crystal clear waters and healthy forage base contribute to the growth of this fantastic fishery.

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