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You found the official place to check the latest standings in the 2017 Big Bass World Championship presented by Pursuit Channel.  If this is your first visit to this page, then there are some details you need know.

Participating in the event is easy:

1. Sign up for just $25 at BassinOnline.com.

2. Fish anytime, anywhere from now until Aug. 15, 2017. Land the heaviest bass in any state and you qualify as one of 49 anglers to fish in the final championship event.

3. Land the heaviest bass in the 2017 BBWC Championship event and you can win up to $50,000 and a brand new boat, motor and trailer.


BONUS WAY TO QUALIFY for the Final Championship
Become a BassResource.com forum member. Then post to this special thread stating you have signed up to fish in the 2017 BBWC. One lucky winner will be randomly selected to participate in the final championship!  One post per person on this thread. More than one post will be grounds for disqualification from the BONUS. Winner must be signed up to fish in the BBWC.

Enter now at BassinOnline.com for complete event details and rules.


Official State Standings

State ST Name Length Girth Weight
Alabama,AL AL       0.00
Arizona,AZ AZ       0.00
Arkansas,AR AR Terry Crawford 20.25 16.5 5.64
California,CA CA       0.00
Colorado,CO CO       0.00
Connecticut,CT CT       0.00
Delaware,DE DE Ted Brodzinski 18.5 12.25 3.49
Florida,FL FL Mike Schleicher 26.75 18.5 11.03
Georgia,GA GA       0.00
Hawaii,HI HI       0.00
Idaho,ID ID       0.00
Illinois,IL IL Bob Wright 22.5 17.75 7.49
Indiana,IN IN       0.00
Iowa,IA IA Arley Hahn 18 12.5 3.38
Kansas,KS KS       0.00
Kentucky,KY KY Rocky Lucy 22 15 6.05
Louisiana,LA LA       0.00
Maine,ME ME       0.00
Maryland,MD MD Earl Lowe JR 22.5 17 7.17
Massachusetts,MA MA       0.00
Michigan,MI MI       0.00
Minnesota,MN MN       0.00
Mississippi,MS MS       0.00
Missouri,MO MO John Burke 23 19 8.38
Montana,MT MT       0.00
Nebraska,NE NE       0.00
Nevada,NV NV       0.00
New Hampshire,NH NH       0.00
New Jersey,NJ NJ       0.00
New Mexico,NM NM Austin Monroe 24 17  
New York,NY NY       0.00
North Carolina,NC NC       0.00
North Dakota,ND ND Cory Bosch 22.25 15.75 6.50
Ohio,OH OH Sam Sovine 22 16.75 6.76
Oklahoma,OK OK       0.00
Oregon,OR OR       0.00
Pennsylvania,PA PA       0.00
Rhode Island,RI RI       0.00
South Carolina,SC SC       0.00
South Dakota,SD SD       0.00
Tennessee,TN TN       0.00
Texas,TX TX Jacob Foote 24 18.25 8.76
Utah,UT UT       0.00
Vermont,VT VT       0.00
Virginia,VA VA Richard Nestor 24 15.5 7.44
Washington,WA WA       0.00
West Virginia,WV WV Kyle Strother 19.5 13.25 4.20
Wisconsin,WI WI       0.00
Wyoming,WY WY Danilo Dancel 21.25 16.25 6.11

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