Fish Facts

Learn about the biology, habitats and seasonal patterns of the Smallmouth, Largemouth and Spotted black bass. It's sure to make you a better bass angler!

When Nature Calls

Learn how to use signals from nature to find and catch more fish by reading this article!

A Shady Answer to Locating Fish

Here's on overlooked place that can hold schools of big bass! Learn how to find them inside.

Have Bass Will Travel

How far and how often to bass move around a lake? When do they move and why? The surprising answers are inside!

How Important Is Forage In Relation To Fish Location

Find the forage, find the fish. Simple, yet complicated at the same time. Here's how.

The Fish Location Equation

Here is a systematic approach to consistently find and subsequently catch more fish!

Five Can’t Miss Spots For Bass

Where do you start? Well, here are five can't-miss locations that will have you hoisting bass over the gunnels in no time.

Depth: The Big Answer to Fish Location

Here is a systematic approach that will give you the best chance of locating fish and at the proper depth.

Forage: The All Important Answer to Fish Location

Here's an easy way to figure out where the fish are hiding any time of the year.

What is a Hybrid Striper?

You've been reading about them. You may have even caught a few of them. But, what is a hybrid striper, really?

The Bass Blotch Mystery

Have you noticed an increased number of black blotches on the sides and fins of the bass in your lake or pond? Here's why.

Proper Handling of Trophy Fish

Here's how to hold a big fish - the right way!

Keeping Summer Bass Alive

Summer time coincides with some of the hottest bass fishing of the year literally and figuratively. Be sure to take extra steps to insure that the bass you catch live to fight another day.

Bass Biology

An in-depth look into what makes a bass tick. Learn about their metabolism and instincts and how this affects the way you fish.

Bass Habitats

Learn about different bass habitats such as rivers, lakes and ponds. Discover how you should fish them to catch more bass.

Where to Find Bass

Finding the fish is often the most difficult part of bass fishing. We reveal wood, weeds and rock hiding places.

A Bass Is A Bass

Can fishing techniques from another state or country help you find and catch bass at your favorite lake? Or do bass behave differently?

Misconceptions About Bass

Discover what is the most important factor in finding and catching bass. You just might be surprised!

The Strike Zone

What is it and why does it matter to you? We explain exactly what a strike zone is and how it affects your fishing.

The Raptor Effect

Keeping in mind the raptor effect and the logic behind the movement of bass will help you find and catch more fish.

'Ambush' Is The Wrong Word

To feed effectively and often, bass move out of thick cover to seek, startle, or flush prey along the cover edges.

Do Fish Have Directional Hearing?

Discover how fish hear and unlock the secrets of catching more bass! We reveal the facts inside.

Take Advantage Of How Bass Hear

Here's how to use your knowledge of how bass hear to be more successful on every outing.

How Smart Are Bass?

Intelligence or insticts? A point-counterpoint discussion between two highly regarded fishery biologists.

Smart Bass? Dumb Bass?

Are there differences in tendency to strike lures between different bass? You might be surprised.

Fish Behavior

Understanding fish behavior takes time, study and observation. We give you a leg up in this article.

Catchability and Heredity

If you catch and remove the most aggressive fish, would it become very hard, over time, to catch fish from the lake?

Seasonal Habits of the Smallmouth Bass

Discover how to adapt to the movements of the Smallmouth bass as the seasons change by reading this article.

Seasonal Habits of the Largemouth Bass

Learn how the seasons affect the Largemouth bass in order to catch them on a consistent basis. This article will show you how.

Using Seasonal Patterns to Locate Bass

Want to catch more bass? Simplify your fishing by using seasonal patterns to locate bass. Learn more now.

The Three Species

Three main species of bass targeted by bass anglers are the Largemouth, Smallmouth and Spotted bass.

Springtime and Spawning

Today, let's review the timeline for spring-and summer-spawning fishes. You'll learn a lot in this information-packed article!

Smallmouth Bass Nesting Habits

Learn how, when, and where smallmouth bass spawn. We reveal details few talk about inside!

Mountain Smallies

The smallmouth's aggressiveness and shear numbers in many of our mountain lakes, make this species a much sought after prize.

Understanding Bass Part I

Bass need food, oxygen and cover to survive. We talk about these key factors to help you become a better angler.

Understanding Bass Part II

Here we cover the senses of the bass and how they affect behavior. Knowing these principles is critical to catching more fish.

The Smallmouth Part One

Introduction to the smallmouth bass. Find out what makes them tick, and what bodies of water you'll find them in.

The Smallmouth Part Two

The mysterious and elusive river smallmouth. We reveal the secrets for locating them in this article.

The Smallmouth Part Three

How to catch them. Now that you know about them and where they live, the next step is catching them. Find out inside!

Talking Points Smallmouth Bass

Let's discuss the smallmouth bass! Habitat, growth rate, diet, catchability, and more!

Caring For Bass

If you want to say you released your fish and they survived, then you better be able to back that up. Here's how.

After The Catch

If your bass survived after the tournament, they did so because you took the time to read this article.

Reducing Bass Mortality

The key to limiting bass mortality is being responsible anglers. Understand the problems and have ready solutions available.

Tips For Handling Summer Bass

Proper care of fish is crucial for their survival if you are to release them alive. We reveal the critical tips to help them survive.

The Proper Care and Handling of Fish

Top experts explain exactly how to take care of your fish so that they're in better shape when you release them.

Handling Bass

Do you know how to take care of a bass for successful catch and release? You might be surprised at what you don't know!

Fish Care for Catch & Release

An in-depth look into how to take care of your fish during a tournament. You'll want to read this if you're dedicated to Catch & Release.

Livewell Basics

Here's how to transform your livewell into a safe and healthy fish motel in a few simple steps. A must for everyone!

The Largemouth Bass Virus

A deadly virus is killing off thousands of trophy bass in the southeast region of the U.S. Researchers are racing to stop it.

Scientists Discuss LMBV

Biologists and scientists gathered to share information and plan strategies for solving the Largemouth Bass Virus. Here is their report.

LMBV 2001 Update

Though it may have been a frightening event in the history of the sport, it would appear that the main crisis has passed.

Largemouth Iridovirus (LMBV) 2002 Update

So what is the take on the status of the effect of largemouth virus on bass populations? Here's the latest.

Largemouth Bass Virus Information

Researchers are more confident than ever that the illness will not destroy America's bass fisheries.

Largemouth Bass Virus Facts

Here is a quick rundown of what we know about Largemouth Bass Virus. Learn more about this deadly disease.

Federal Grants Awarded to Study LMBV

Research money is now finally available for the study of the Largemouth Bass Virus. Here's how it's going to help.

LMBV Notes

While fishing pressure doesn't play a major role in LMBV, it is possible that we could be spreading the virus without meaning to.

LMBV and Chemicals

Could there be a connection between the largemouth bass virus and chemical use? Discover the truth inside.

LMBV Invades Michigan

Largemouth bass virus, a mysterious malady that has caused major fish-kills in the South, appears to be spreading north.

Understanding pH

pH levels affect bass and their behavior. And if it matters to the bass, then it should also matter to you. Find out more about pH inside.