Award winning columnist Don Barone brings you his unique perspective on fishing and the great outdoors.

An Open Letter to the Children in Oklahoma

Help us find the children, all the children, not just in Moore, Oklahoma but in every small town, village, whatever, if they have lost their fishing stuff bring them to...

The Dummy Gestalt

I have made a career of being elsewhere, but if you arrive dumb with an open mind, dumb, won't be how you leave.


I saw where all the other outdoor reporters went looking, and I went the other way. Downstream is where I took to.

Luna LaGrange

I believe the pursuit of all sports, is for that one moment in time, when we dance in the light, and everything works.

Buffalo Tales Too...The Bait Store

Betcha didn't know I was once the proud owner of a neighborhood Bait Store. Find out about it inside.

Buffalo Tales...

For the first time in my life I admit a hidden family secret, the story begins like this: "I am the grandchild, of a Mermaid." And it's true...

Thankful For, Glover

When I was young the universe sent the soul of the outdoors to meet me. And his name was, Glover.


This story explains why I think it is the greatest sport on earth. It is because of those who play it, watch it, and dream of it.

Bits of Wonderful

As we float on this rock through space, we have a chance to make this a perfect place...that's because the universe gave each and every one of us...Bits of Wonderful.

An Open Christmas Card

My Christmas wish is that Christmas is every day...we shouldn't have to have a specific date for kindness.

My Favorite Tournament

I covered the Federation Nation Championship. This is fantasy camp, where the fantasy could actually come true.

From Brazil to B.A.S.S.

Sometimes we all forget about the gift we have been given. But this man reminds us all of things we forget.

My Name Is: Crispus Attucks

Remember not who holds the flags, remember not who stands with the flags, remember only…

The My Ovaries Are Just Fine Diet,

That title pretty much explains it all...the mystery of trying to diet...for guys. Serious but funny stuff.

That Ol' Dog, Is Me

I begin my chronicles about my new pledge to a healthier life in the name of charity and the Family of Us.

Knucklehead Diet Tip #1

Right now on Amazon alone there is ONE Diet book for every 3,717 fat people in our country. So I'm thinking this; diets don't work.

Too Many Goodbyes

You pick the angler, you pick the place, and I'll do your story. Throw me a challenge. Here's how and why.

Tomorrow In The Rearview Mirror

I believe Mr. Peabody and Sherman, were right. You can go back in time, there is a Wayback Machine. And it floats....

Came The Hawk, Came The Children, Came, Perfect.

A story so richly told the emotions are almost palpable.


What person, event, or factor in your life (fishing or non-fishing) made the biggest positive impact on you?

What Color, The Water

As you take to your boats, with your child, with your husband, with your wife, what color will be your sea?

Sweetwater & Mr. Chin

What if, chance, is actually the universe...As in the people sent your way, and who's life you may change.

A Tale Of Twenty Fish

It all comes down to this week and the only thing standing between you and AOY…is twenty fish.

Tackle The Storm

We can't give back, everything. But we can give back, one thing: The Magic Wands, of childhood.

Where do...

Don't bring the child to the sport, bring the sport to the child...and they will never let it go.

Do Unto. . .

Help me get the kids back to the peace of the lake, and away from the violence from the sky.

A Desperate Plea

This morning I heard of the impact the tornado had on 300...300 children all of whom loved to fish...but now can't.

Time To Deliver

We have a short time to pull this off and bring the children a moment of smiles, a moment of giggles, a moment of childhood. Help me.

Tackle The Storm Trilogy

Thanks to you. You have responded with the magic we call soul with the magic wands of childhood.

No Fine Print

It's the neighborhood's job, and America is one big neighborhood, it's just being neighborly and making our neighbors good

Done Good Came Today

For when badness comes, it comes for us all. But when goodness comes, it comes for us one at a time, and comes for the children first.

Rainbows of Black & White

For all the children of the storms, please know, that after every storm comes a rainbow...such as this one.

The Family, Of Us

Meet the Family Of Us. Tackle The Storm Foundation owes everything, EVERYTHING to The Family, Of Us.

An Open Letter To: Aaron Martens

I believe that we as a foundation, Tackle The Storm Foundation, does good things, but Aaron's gift will allow us to do…great things.