Rainbows of Black & White

Rainbows of Black & White

Dateline: The Fields of Cullman



"No matter what else happens
 what the future will be…"



I walked through fields of rainbows, where only green should be.

I walked through fields of tears, where only smiles should be.

I walked through fields of shattered glass, where only grass should be.

I walked through fields of mirrors, and saw a new part of me.

"…in a world so uncertain
 through the clouds it's hard to see…"



After the storms of Cullman when I looked to the sky I only saw rainbows of black and white.  The children either had, or had not, no shades in between.  Mother Earth was so ashamed all her color had drained away.

I saw men in white tee shirts.

I saw women in white shorts.

I saw gray skies that reached down to a black scorched earth.

Rainbows of black and white.

"…I will grab you and carry you
 calm your fears if you're afraid…"



This weekend some color came back to Cullman.  Red and white bobbers, black and yellow fishing rods and reels, red and purple jerseys, blue hats and green fish.

For a few hours the rainbows of black and white, were filled with color.  Fifty some children came to a lake, in front of them the magic wand of childhood, a fishing pole, behind them, the violence of the storm.

I heard stories of laughter.

I heard stories of tears.

Heard of children fishing from the banks of the lake, fishing from the piers, fishing with some of the best anglers in the world, Elite Pro, fishing with some of the best moms and dads in the world.

And I was told the children were at peace. We did not ask them their names. We did not ask them to join anything. We did not take pictures of their young faces. We gave and asked for nothing back…dignity on 10 pound test.

We told them the fishing stuff was a gift from anglers around the world who did so because, "they care about you and love you."

And children of Cullman please know that the anglers of the world will always be there for you.

And for all the other children of the storms, please know as well, that after every storm comes a rainbow, and while it may seem to be only a rainbow of black and white...

...the magic wand sent to you, will help put the color back.

And the fields were once again be green.

And the fields will be filled with smiles.

And the fields will be covered in grass.

And in the mirror, your rainbow of black and white, will fade away.

"…we'll go walking
 across the fields of gray."


Fields of Gray

Bruce Hornsby


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