Fishing Stories

From big fish stories to exotic fishing trips, and from family fishing to handicapped opportunities, this section has it all!  The allure of fishing is captured in these articles.

Why We Fish

You may be a veteran basser or a newbie: it’s all the same. The allure of bass fishing will never die.

Bass Fishing for California Yellowtail

What an exciting experience to tap into the lessons I learned battling everything from largemouth bass to walleye, crappie to catfish.

Winning the Annual Fishing Tournament

The Men’s Annual Fishing tournament is an amazing event. Is it about winning or losing? Find out inside.

Bass Are Where You Find Them

You can catch bass in many different places. But in this unique instance, it was a rare catch!

Home Waters

Utilizing a nearby lake or river as your Home Waters has many benefits. Here's why.

10 Gifts For Dad Under $50

These Father's Day gift ideas will have Dad convinced he is the number one angler in your life!

Cornhusker Largemouths

Nebraska does not immediately come to mind when you start talking about hawg largemouths. But it should. Here's why!

Balancing Family and Fishing

Balancing time is a never ending struggle between being away from home too much and not spending enough time on the water.

Yooper Bass

Michigan’s Upper Peninsula (UP) bass don’t get nearly the attention from bass anglers as they deserve, but for a diehard bass angler, it is finned nirvana.

Scared To Death

The bass pros reveal in this article a side of themselves we rarely see!

Let's Go To The Dogs?

I want to share a few thoughts that I hope will encourage you to take your dog fishing and a few tips to insure their comfort and safety.

Fishing Kentucky Lake with Mark Menendez

A seasonal approach to fishing Kentucky year round for trophy bass.

Fishing For El Salto’s Big Bass

El Salto has a reputation for yielding trophy bass every year. Here's what you need to know.

My Snake Saga - Part I

Hate snakes? You're not alone. Read on to find out who. It might surprise you.

My Personal Snake Saga Part Two: Ladies Unhinged

Hate snakes? Then this will give you the chills!

Part Three: My Snake Saga

Do snakes give you the shivers? Then this article is for you!

Waugoshance Point Revival

Waugoshance Point is a prime example of what a change in angler attitudes and a transformation in habitat and forage can do to revitalize a fishery.

Sometimes Older is Better?

If you see the value of learning from the past then perhaps spending time with someone older than you may be beneficial.

Raging Road Joy

Road rage is a problem everywhere and more so when road racers and towing vehicles are sharing the road. Here's how to arrive at the launch in one piece.

Fun Fishing and Farm Ponds

Ponds, people and places like these remind you with the spirit of adventure, and great fishing!

Are Elites Going To The Dogs?

The Bassmaster Elite Series anglers talk about their pets, past and present, in this behind-the-scenes article.

Angling For NASCAR

NASCAR and bass fishing go hand-in-hand. Here's a behind-the-scenes look at a NASCAR event with bass pro Aaron Martens.

Tournaments for Teens and Kids

If you love bass fishing, and want to help grow and promote our sport, there’s no better way than helping and teaching youngsters who are eager to get started. Here's how.

Rabbit Trails

Seemingly random and intertwined, rabbit trails can enrich our lives. Like this example.

Starting a Fishing Club

Are you sure you want to look at starting a fishing club? Take a look at how to do it inside.

Private Water Management and Professional Bass Fishing

Private waters provide an abundance of opportunities for all of us—even future professional anglers.

Fishing for the Next Generation

Unfortunately, participation in fishing has declined in recent years. Thus, it is critical that we work to recruit new anglers.

Fishing Déjà Vu: Has This Happened To You?

Ever had a fishing experience repeat itself months or years later, exactly the same as before? Here's a big fish story that was unlikely to be repeated, but it did!

Make That Call To A Bass Fishing Buddy

Pick up the phone and invite a friend you haven’t seen in a while to go fishing. It could be the experience of a lifetime!

Are We Overdoing Catch And Release?

No one realized that such a noble ethic could become a problem for fisheries management and bass anglers.

Queen of Gourmet Bass

What?! Eat bass? You bet! Here are some pretty creative, and delicious, recipes for bass.

Struck By Lightning!

Read this incredible true-life story about a man who was struck by lightning while fishing, and lived to tell about it!

Hidden Jewels

Mysteries are there for you to discover, and the fishing is there just waiting for you to make it happen.


If you're looking for new smallmouth rivers to fish, here's how to expand your fishing horizons and find your secret hot spot.

Quiet Days

Hidden little lakes away from the general flow of traffic are something to cherish and appreciate.

The 'Feel Good' Pond

The pond is only part of the story. As a matter of fact, the pond is only a small part of the story.

Wishful Thinking?

Doesn't the thought of a quiet evening on the pond bank or a dock appeal to most of us? This is what it's all about.

The Secret Hope of Water

Looking out across the water it seemed as though I'd entered a huge cathedral - a sacred place.

Fishing is Fun

Sure catching huge bass is exciting, but if you don't catch that lunker will it ruin your day? Here's how to put the fun back into fishing.

Big Bass Blues

Check out this terrific poem written by an inspired pond owner about catch and release.

The Beginning of a Dream

Ever wonder what being at the Classic is like? Read this first hand account from behind the scenes of the Bassmaster Classic!

The Bass University

Camaraderie, access to the pros, and hands-on instruction are just some of the benefits to whet your bass fishing education appetite.

Catch And Release Works

If you need proof catch and release works, take a look at this monster fish caught by two different anglers.

Cops And Bobbers

Although Mike Carpenter didn't really expect city kids to share his passion for fishing, what happened next is amazing...

Hubbard Creek Ramp Project

Breaking the bonds of bureaucratic red tape: How one community took matters into their own hands.

The Magic Syndrome

Bass fisherman seem to always be on the prowl for that so-called secret lure that will give them an edge over other anglers.


Believe it or not, superstitions play a very important part of our bass fishing! What are yours?

Future of Outdoor Sports

Is there a risk of losing some of our fishing rights? Unfortunately, the answer is yes. Find out why and what you can do about it inside.

PETA: America's Domestic Terrorist Group

We've waited long enough. Now it is time that we as fisherman stand up and do something about this terrorist group.

Where Ya Puttin' In?

What makes one marina better than another? How do you find the good ones? We tell you in this article.

Want To Hire A Guide?

If you plan on hiring a guide for a memorable fishing trip, read these tips for selecting a quality guide.

Picking The Right Guide

Not all guides are created equal. Picking the right guide is an art and takes time, research and even a little work.

Florida Fishing Venture

With some planning and some thought you can make your trip to Florida one to be remembered for a lifetime.

Texas Chases Record Bass

Texas wants to break the world record for the largest bass ever. Their aggressive game-plan is outlined inside.

One More Cast

Is every bad day of fishing is better than a good day at work? Maybe not.But at least you'll get a good chuckle.

Anything But Catching Fish

It is a good thing that fishermen have a good sense of humor. Have yourself a good chuckle inside.

Falling Overboard

There are a number of humorous things that the anglers have done over the years. Here's a couple of stories for you.

Skunk Hair Club

Skunk hair is great for bass flies. The trick is collecting the hair. Here's a funny story about using skunk tails for bass flies and lures.

Fishing with Antique Lures

Trying to relive a piece of history with a 1924 Shakespeare Swimming Mouse, an antique rod and reel, and braided line.

Bad Fishing Days

Sometimes we're so caught up in chasing bass we often use bad judgement and go fishing when we should have stayed home.

A Texas Tale

On a tight budget and want to take your kids out fishing? This article explains you don't need spend much money to have fun.

Take Someone Else's Kid Fishing

It's not that hard to make a fun day of fishing for kids. Share the fun and help this sport grow again. Here's how...

Kids Competition

Six young anglers won savings bonds in a national contest promoting youth and fishing. The details are inside.

The Future Of Fishing

The future of our sport is in your hands. Here's how you can make time to take a youngster fishing and pass on the tradition.

It's A Red Ear Sunfish!

The latest success story of a young six year old boy who really has become quite serious in this wonderful sport of fishin'.

The 10-Pound Bluegill

See how a confident four year old taught me a new perspective about a lake I was so focused on making "the perfect bass lake".

Yes to Kids. No to Socket Wrenches.

If kids aren’t introduced to fishing long before they graduate high school, there’s a likelihood they won’t fish once they’re in college.

A Little Time With The Kids

With today's hectic lifestyles, it is important to make time for our kids. Here are some simple tips for making a memorable trip.

Skipping Church

Daddy coached me through until I had the writhing fish dangling out of the water and furiously flipping its tail.

Get Involved in the Sport

Discover how a younger angler can self-sufficiently build his way up in the sport of bass fishing, from a different perspective.

Reflecting On Our Sport

So, what will it take for you to take a kid fishing? Here are some tips to make it easy and fun!

Fish With Friends

Here's a fishing event benefiting children with disabilities. You can use it as a guide to plan your own fishing event.

Trout Fishing In The Ozarks

Take a break and spend some time fishing with the family. It will more fun than you expect!

Trail Blazers

Brian Coleman and Marcus Padilla are exploding stereotypes and leading minorities to fishing.

Fishing: The Universal Language

The common love of fishing between two men who would otherwise never meet can create a bond that lasts a lifetime.

The Goal is Sharing

Sharing your fishing skills can be fun for a day and rewarding for a lifetime. Here's how to get involved!

Share The Heritage

Take time to pass on the American tradition of fishing. You might be surprised how much fun you have.

Why do You Fish?

Don't get me wrong; catching fish is great! But, to be honest, I don't fish to catch fish.

Teaching Kids To Fish

Learning to fish should start as a fun experience. Here's how to teach a youngster to fish.

A Special Tribute To My Dad

Fishin' is something we should treasure and pass along. It requires us to do what my dad used to do years ago.

Fishing with Dad

The experience of fishing with one's father is vividly expressed in this touching story by Chuck Bailey.

Don’t Fish The Past!

Most take it to mean that you need to adapt to changing conditions. But, what does it really mean? More than you probably know!

Take Your Mom Fishing

Moms are discovering that fishing is a good clean All American sport, and glue that bonds families together.

Mom Liked Water On Her Terms

Mom really didn't like fishing and the outdoors....or so I thought!

Fishing - What It Means To Me

For many, fishing is time to reflect on life, and get away from all of the hustle and bustle. What about you?

Drowning Worms

For many, fishing clears their mind, releases stress, and cleanses their soul. Here's a tip to make it even better.

The Way It Was

Journalist Bob Hood takes a nostalgic look back to the childhood memories of a bass angler.

Liquid Medicine for the Soul

Whirlwind days are a reality of life. Bodies need to rest while minds relax. Getting out on the water is just what the doctor ordered.

A Bass Fishing Addict

Do your friends wonder why you fish so much? There are certainly a lot of us with the addiction who know why.

The Psyche Of A Fisherman

Why do you have that lingering desire to pitch a bait into the drink and see what might latch on?

Profiles in Courage

Four anglers triumph over adversity with a rod and reel. More than anything, though, they do it for a love of fishing.

For Love Of The Sport

When Dave Hudson lost use of his legs he thought his bass fishing days were over until...

Canadian Team Challenge

Canada has some terrific fishing. These anglers not only catch a boatload of Canadian fish, they do it all from wheelchairs.

Fish Bite Boy

Can fishing be hazardous to your health? Unfortunately, yes. Read on... you might be surprised!

River Smallmouths

How would you like to drift down a river catching dozens of healthy-sized smallmouths on any given day? Here's how!

John Day River Smallmouths

Here is everything to know about the John Day River, and the surrounding area.

Missouri River Bronzebacks

The Missouri River offers great fishing opportunities for excellent numbers of big fish. Here's where to catch them!

Guntersville Lake Gets the Best, Worst of Zell Rowland

Just mention Guntersville to Zell Rowland and you’ll see a grin spread across his weathered face about as wide as the Grand Canyon.

Casa Blanca

Discover an overlooked Texas treasure and learn a few flipping tricks in the process in this informative article.

Lake Erie's Western Basin

Take the trip to Lake Erie's western basin for that smallmouth trophy of a lifetime. Here's how to find and catch them!

The Skinny On Lake St. Clair

Whether you're a weekend fisherman or tournament warrior, it's hard to find more productive and dream fulfilling water to fish.

Richland-Chambers: Update On The Fishery

Now is a great time to go out and reacquaint yourself with Richland-Chambers reservoir. Find out why inside.

Lake Fork Revisited

Years ago, Lake Fork was hit by the Largemouth Bass Virus. Has it rebounded since?

Mountain Retreat

Mexico is quickly becoming THE place to catch trophy largemouth. So we took a trip to El Salto to find out ourselves. Here is the report.

Senor and Senorita Bass

Is the great bass fishing 'South of the Border' just a sales pitch? We investigated and brought you this report.

Fall Fishing in Sinaloa

If you are considering a fishing trip to Sinaloa, Mexico, then October through December is a great time for lunker bass.

Habitat Man

Descriptions of Ray Scott range from outrageous to bass God and more. It's the more this article covers.

Gone Fishing

Jerry McKinnis is one of the most recognizable faces in the fishing game. Find out how he started inside.

Brad Paisley

Brad Paisley carries the torch for every man who's ever lost a woman because of his obsession with bass fishing.

When Casey Plays, KVD Listens

Many nights away from home, out there along the emotionally reflective path of the Elite Series tour, he sings. And they huddle-up to listen.

Newman's Own

2002 Winston Cup Rookie of the Year Ryan Newman goes fishing. Discover his passion for fishing inside.

Ward's World

The term 'outdoor enthusiast' doesn't begin to adequately describe Dayton 500 champion Ward Burton.

Ike's Greatest Asset

The reason behind Mike Iaconelli's success might not be so obvious. See what we mean inside.

Wintery Mix Won’t Ice Grigsby

You can cuss the weather, or you can focus on the next cast. I choose to shut up and fish.

Chillin and Grillin with KVD

We caught up with Kevin VanDam to gather his perspectives for a little fun in the summer sun.

Swindle Fishes with Etch A Sketch

Gerald Swindle is the only pro with an Etch A Sketch toy in his boat. Ironically, it has nothing to do with fun and games.

Swindle's Sandwich Bags of Inspiration

More than just subsistence in the form of grape and extra crunchy, it's a source of inspiration written on a sandwich bag.

Summer Fun With Terry Scroggins

What does Terry Scroggins do between tournaments? You might be surprised when you read this article.

Iaconelli Towing Boat to NASCAR’s Bristol

It should be a great weekend at Bristol Motor Speedway for Truex, Iaconelli and the fans that share their love of shaky head lures and fast laps on a short track.

Iaconelli Loses Rookie Stripe at Bristol

Mike Iaconelli lost his yellow stripe at Bristol Motor Speedway this weekend -- no, not as a driver, but...

Chocolate Milk, Cheaters and 1-Jig Casey

Discover what these three things have in common at the Bassmaster's Classic!

Zona: Pack Lightly

I spend about two days out of every week in an airport. But what might surprise you is I don’t like to take clothes when I travel.

Thanksgiving With The Pros

What do the pros do for Thanksgiving day? From Kevin VanDam to Kelly Jordon, the pros tell all!

Ike talks Bass and Turkey

If you were hanging with Iaconelli on Turkey Day what could you expect? You might be surprised.

Elite Christmas Wishes

At Christmas, professional bass anglers have wishes too. Some of their wishes are serious, some humorous, some tied to fishing – and all of them tied to the heart.

A Bass Pro Christmas

What do the pros do for Christmas day? You might be surprised what they tell you in this exclusive article!

Swindle says it Ain't about the Gifts

If you're going to give, then give to those that need it most. Gerald Swindle leads by example. Will you follow in his footsteps?

KVD's System for Christmas?

Kevin VanDam has a system. A tenacious, seemingly magical means for catching them better than anybody else. The system works.

For the Love of Lulu and P.B. & J

Why does Gerald Swindle eat so many PB and J sandwiches? We asked, and got surprising answers!

Swindle Puts His Toes In The Sand

What does Gerald Swindle do in the summertime? You might be surprised when you read this article.

Batting 4th and Playing 3rd -- Dave Wolak

What do the Yankees and Dave Wolak have in common? Believe it or not, it's not bass fishing. Find out inside.

What's In Wolak's Truck?

Aside from all the rods, reels, spare lures and fishing line, what else does Dave Wolak take along in his truck?

Scroggins the Grouper Guide

Find out how pro Terry Scroggins spends his free time his fellow Bassmaster Elite Series buddies during a winter break.

Who does VanDam Cheer For?

Kevin VanDam is a big fan of which NFL team's star quarterback? You'd be surprised who this Michigan native roots for.

Kevin VanDam on October

Kevin VanDam is often described as bass fishing's fastest man, and certainly October is proving to be anything but slow for him.

Terry The Tool Man Scroggins

Take a look inside the back of Terry 'Big Show' Scroggins' Toyota Tundra. You might be surprised what you find.

KVD’s Mom: Whaddya Do with Trophies?

What is Kevin VanDam's mother like? Find out inside!

It's All Good

Terry Scroggins is anything but a head case. He's much the opposite. Learn more about the psychology surrounding professional anglers

KVD Equally Intense about Whitetails

I have a fascination with fish and wildlife. But mature whitetail bucks captivate me in a different way.

Gary Klein Befriends a Paper Doll

Why is Gary Klein taking pictures of a paper doll? It's not really as strange as it sounds. Find out inside.

Teddy Bears, Sea Monsters and Smallies

Iaconelli is a dang good travel guide -- at least if you're looking for the ultimate smallmouth bass fishing autumn getaway.

Scroggins' Grill Skills

Catchin' isn't the only reason they call him Big Show. Terry Scroggins cooks a mean BBQ too!

Elites Begin with 45-Pounds of Boston Butt

The Bassmaster Elite Series season kicks off soon, and Terry Scroggins is making sure nobody walks away hungry.

Anglers Warned Of Exotics

Non-native aquatic vegetation and Zebra mussels are invading and ruining our waters. Find out how you can help stop the invasion.

Zebra Mussels Threaten Fisheries

Anglers and pond owners should be on the alert for these unwelcome newcomers. Here's why...

Vegetation Revisited

Aquatic plant control is a controversial issue. There are several different approaches, each having its advocates and opponents.

The Big One That Didn't Get Away

Find out firsthand what it's like to catch a trophy bass in this vivid story told by a trophy bass hunter!

Lake Fork Bass

Lake Fork is known for trophy-sized bass. Here is an eyewitness account of one of those monster bass being caught.

Never Give Up On That Lunker

Ever see a bass but couldn't get him to bite? You might catch him next time if you follow these tips.

It's Never Too Late To Catch The Big One

Some days, in spite of even the worst conditions, things can work out better than you ever hoped or dreamed for.

Forty-Niner, And I'm Not Talking San Fran!

While fishing for trophy bass, Chuck Bauer hooked onto a record-breaker. But it wasn't a bass!

Merry Christmas

'Twas the (fishermans') night before Christmas...Our special Christmas story for you - with a twist

The Twelve Days of Christmas

Here's an original adaptation of a very well-known Christmas classic. If you're a fisherman, you'll enjoy this!

The Twelve Days of Christmas (for a Bassman)

This is a GREAT rendition of an old classic! The fishing references are terrific!