Fishing For Women

Bass fishing isn't just for men, women are welcome too! If you feel there's just too much testosterone in the local bass club or tackle shop, then here's the place for you!

Bass fishing is no longer considered a "man's sport" anymore. Many female anglers are discovering how fun and exciting bass fishing can be, and that perceived barriers are easily broken. Yet the stigma of a male-dominated sport remains. So it's understandable many women feel uncomfortable pursuing the sport of fishing.
   Our goal is to help women feel comfortable learning new skills associated with fishing, and other outdoor activities, in a supportive and non-threatening environment by furthering the knowledge and joys of bass fishing, nature and community spirits.

If you are just getting started in bass fishing and want to learn more, be sure to visit our Beginners section. Here you will find articles designed specifically for you.

Recommended Websites for Women

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National B.O.W. Headquarters Web Site

Carolina Lady Anglers
Casting For Life
Casting For Recovery
Coalition for Education in the Outdoors
Ladies Let's Go Fishing
Reel Women
Step Outside
Washington Women Outdoors
Women Anglers
Women's Flyfishing
The Women's Wilderness Institute

  Flyfishing Clubs for Women:
Colorado Women Flyfishers
Delaware Valley Women's Fly Fishing Association
Flygirls (Michigan)
Golden West Women Flyfishers (California)
Juliana's Anglers (New York)
Texas Women Fly Fishers

Here are fishing articles just for women:

What They Say About Bass Fishing Pro Janet Parker

Janet Parker of Little Elm, Texas, is poised to be the next pioneer of women in bass fishing. She’s second in points in the Bassmaster Central Open circuit, a prime position to close on an invitation issued to the season’s top five to move up to the Bassmaster Elite Series.

Confessions of a Female Non-Boater

Here's a glimpse at tournament fishing from a woman's perspective.

Fantastic Fishing Clothes for Women

Advances in technology make huge improvements for women's fishing apparel. Check these out!

Let's Go To The Dogs?

I want to share a few thoughts that I hope will encourage you to take your dog fishing and a few tips to insure their comfort and safety.

Girl Gone Fishing

Soon you too will be saying, 'Fishing positively changed me in ways that I couldn't ever imagine.'

Becoming An Outdoors-Woman

The dirt roads that lead to the outdoors are much narrower for women than they are for men. But there are new roads opening...

Hook, Line and Sinker

Equipment manufacturers are beginning to recognize the value of a female market. Here's a look at some of the new trends.

What Women Want In Apparel

Finally female-specific fishing apparel has hit the market that combines performance with feminine styling.

Take Your Wife Fishing

Who says taking your spouse fishing is risky? It can be a very enjoyable experience and strengthen your relationship. Here's why.

My Wife's Record Setting Day

There's nothing like a big fish story with cell phone pictures to back it up!

The Great Outdoors - Not Just For Men!

Hunting and fishing has plenty to offer both men AND women. The barriers are (finally) coming down.

My Mom

Every sport needs a dominant player or an unforgettable character. How many of them will be 89 years old?

Bassing Girls Are Taking On the Tour

More and more women are becoming bass touring pros. This equal opportunity sport is fast becoming an equal participation sport.

Bass Fishing Pro Melinda Mize

Melinda hopes and expects to see a rise in women anglers in the next few years. Little did she know...

Savick Sails New Waters

Here's how Karen Savik became the first woman to fish the EverStart Series Championship in the Pro Division.

No Girls Allowed?

Does discrimination exist in the wholesome family oriented sport of bass fishing? Sadly, it does. But you can help change that.

Bass Fishing Championship

Read about the tournament that made history as the first female angler wins a national bass fishing championship.

Woman Makes Fishing History

Judy Israel fished her way into the record books on the BFL Tour. Find out what she did inside.

WBFA Championship

Learn what it takes to win a championship in this article. It's probably not what you think! We explain inside.

WBFA World Classic

Indiana Angler Sylvia Graham Wins Women's World Bass Fishing Title by more than six pounds!

WBFA World Champion Crowned

Find out who won the 2001 Womens Bass Fishing World Championship, including exclusive interviews with the top winners.

2001 WBFA Rookie of the Year

The popularity of tournament angling has spread to the female population. Read about the 2001 WBFA Rookie of the Year inside.

Shaffer Earns 2002 WBFA Angler of the Year Award

The Women's Professional Bass Fishing Association's Angler of the Year was decided at the last tournament of the 2002 year series. Learn more now!