Fishing Gear Tips

Discover how to maintain your equipment, how to get the most from your expensive electronics, or how to buy the best rod and reel for your needs and budget..

Tackle Organization and Accessories

Quick and easy tackle organization tips, plus information on tackle accessories and how to use them!

Night Fishing Gear

There’s no need to worry about venturing out on the water at night. Take it slow and easy, make sure you have the right equipment, and just have a good time.

A Place For Your Stuff...

There is something to be said for the proper storage and organization of your gear. Being organized often means more fish in the livewell.

Fishing Accessories

There are a lot of accessories available that can improve your fishing experience or personal convenience while on the water.

13 Must-Have Products for Your Boat

Make sure you have these items on your boat for more enjoyable time on the water.

Net Results

Most fish are lost at the boat because of a mistake with the net. Here's how to ensure it doesn't happen to you!

Tame Your Tackle

A ton of tackle is worthless if you can’t find the lure you need. Bassmaster Elite Series angler Dave Lefebre shares how he handles his, from storage to streamlining, to catch more bass.

Storing and Organizing Soft Plastic Baits

Once you get your plastics organized and easy to find, you’ll find that you can spend more of your day fishing and less of it searching for the right bait. Here's how!

Pete Ponds on Tackle Organization

Tackle organization can be the critical difference between catching fish, and not. Here are key tips to keeping organized.

10 Things That Make Your Day A Lot Easier

These inexpensive fishing gadgets will keep you better organized, and help you spend more time fishing

Tackling Tackle Boxes

Customizing your storage needs is a great way of staying organized. Here's how to do it.

No Reason To Not Wear A Life Jacket

How many times have you been out fishing alone and not had your Inflatable Life Jacket on?

A Little Preparation Now Means More Bass Later

Take time between fishing seasons to reorganize and reprioritize your tackle. You’ll catch more bass by saying “so long” to unproductive lures and welcoming new ones to an orderly and adaptive storage system.

Fishing Line and Hooks

The right line and hook makes a huge difference when you're bass fishing. Here's all you need to know about them.

Crooked Hook Hackney

How Greg Hackney Modifies Hooks to make Sure Nothing Gets Away.

Hooking Up

Using the right fishing hook can make or break your day. Make sure you select the right hook for the job.

Selecting Fishing Line

Choosing a fishing line can be a very interesting challenge for even the most seasoned bass fisherman.

Online With Jay Yelas

Nothing is more important than the line you use. Pro angler Jay Yelas explains how he chooses line for different applications.

Braided Vs. Mono

Line manufactures are pouring millions of dollars into research looking for the next great "super-line". But are these lines right for you?

The Fluorocarbon Advantage

Is this new-age line the best thing to happen to bass fishing since the invention of nylon monofilament? Discover for yourself inside.

Fluorocarbon Fishing Line Basics

Should you try fluorocarbon fishing line? Is it for you? Tournament angler Nick Ruiz tried it and here's his report.

Line Size Does Matter

We all have to be versatile enough to pick the right line in the right situation every time we go to the water.

Fishing Knot Rules

Bass anglers tying fishing knots according to the tips listed inside will experience far fewer, if any, knot failures.

Testing Your Lines and Knots

Discover three inexpensive, simple, easy, and fun ways to test the relative strength of lines and knots!

Color Your Line

Coloring your line for stealth and success is a proven method that gives you another positive piece to your fishin' puzzle.

Line Selection

Braided, fusion, mono, co-polymer...there are more choices facing anglers than ever before. We help you make intelligent choices inside.

Braid or Fluorocarbon?

Choosing a fishing line isn't as easy as it used to be. Here's how to sort through dozens of options.

Match Your line To The Conditions

Of all the progressions in bass fishing, nothing compares to the fishing lines we’re using today.

Treble Hooks Are Not One Size Fits All

Always match your hooks for what you're doing. It's very, very important. Here's how.

Tune Up Your Terminal Tackle

When you’re missing strikes, losing fish or not getting bites at all, take a closer look at your hooks and sinkers.

Fishing Line and the Environment

Catching fishing line can cause any angler frustration and disgust, but here's a way to fix it.

Don’t Get Tangled In Line Choices

With three distinct types offered in various sizes and colors, selecting the right fishing line can be overwhelming. Bassmaster Elite Series angler Josh Bertrand cuts through the choices, explaining how and where each works best.

Knot a Problem

Which knots should you use? Discover useful knot tips that will help you land a few more fish this season.

Hooks With a Twist

There seems to be no end to the ingenious ways that fishermen will come up to improve the sport we love. Give some of these hooks a try and see if they don’t improve your fishing.

Casey Ashley on Hook Selections

There's a wide variety of hook sizes, styles and metal gauges, thus confounding many anglers trying to match the right hook with their baits. Here's an easy guide.

Matching Your Line to Every Bass Catching Technique

I truly believe that when a specific technique or lure is matched with the proper line, the ultimate and perfect combination can be attained.

Learn These Five Fishing Knots

Easy to tie and strong, these knots cover nearly every fishing situation. And knowing when to use each will mean more bass.

Change Your Treble Hooks

Put better trebles on your hard-bodied lures, and you’ll hook and land more bass. Here’s how to determine which hooks need to go and choose their replacements.

Hooked On Bass

Here are a handful of essential hooks that every bass angler needs to have in his tackle box.

Mark Davis on Line Choices

Mark Davis relies on a variety of lines for the various tactics he uses on the tournament trail. Here are his choices of line size and type he uses for the following lures and techniques.

Shaw Grigsby on Tying Knots

When you tie a knot in your fishing line, it makes that the weakest point in the line. Here's the best way to avoid a failure.

Picking The Right Hook

Keep your hooks sharp and give these tips a try. They'll help you land a few extra fish this season.

Stop Losing Fish!

We've all had those days when it seems the bass won't stay hooked. Lets look at the problem and see what can be done about it.

Know Your Hooks

A successful day on the water can be won or lost by a poor hook. But which hook should you use for each bait?

Equipment Basics

Matching the right rod, reel, lure, and line sounds complicated, but it's actually quite easy once you read this article.

The Fishing Line System

Not sure which line to use? Here's a unique way to ensure you never go fishing with the wrong line again!

Rods and Reels

From choosing rods and reels, to getting the most out of them, we got it covered here!

End Frustrating Spinning Reel Tangles

Does your line tangle and kink on your spinning reel? You'll experience nightmarish line issues if you don't heed this advice!

Care Is Key To Reel Life

Proper care can be key to the longevity of your fishing reel. Here are some simple steps that can help keep your reel rolling.

Quality Reel Care

Abu Garcia reel services manager Bob Hulme reveals his tips to keep your reels in top condition.

Make Your Baitcaster Fly!

An in-depth article on reel maintenance, tuning and upgrading. Only from BassResource!

Reel Tips and Techniques

Want to have the perfect fishing reel and keep it that way? We reveal detailed information inside!

Your Rod's Performance

When was the last time you gave your fishing rods the once over? The people at Fenwick offer tips on rod care in this article.

Hot Fishing Rods

What makes a fishing rod stand out above the others? Are the expensive rods really worth it? Find out inside!

Fishing Rod Characteristics

What is the difference between rod action and power? How does this affect the way you fish?

Making A Cane Fishing Pole

Let's travel back in time, to our youth, and make a cane fishing pole. Discover how to do it right inside.

Familiarity Breeds Success

There are so many variables in bass fishing already. The best way to consistently catch fish is to...

JVD: Choose Smallmouth Rod Actions Carefully

Honing his bass fishing skills on smallmouth in lakes around his Kalamazoo, Mich. home, pro angler Jonathon VanDam offers up some advice on the right rods for key techniques.

Right Gear, Right Fish

Want to catch big bass? Choosing the right gear will help you catch the wiliest, wisest fish to the most naive fish.

Tools Of The Trade

Choose your fishing tools wisely, and you'll fish better. Here's how to select the right fishing rods and reels.

Selecting Rods and Reels

Use these guidelines for rod and reel combinations, and you'll avoid mismatched sets.

Buying a Bass Rod On a Budget

Quality rods with superior craftsmanship are available today, without having to spend a fortune.

Reel Savvy

Here's a look into the reel cleaning and repair business.

4 Myths and A Truth About Reel Selection

I promise you will be much happier with your purchase if you first discern what your individual needs are, and buy a reel to match.

The Right Reel Can Make All the Difference

Proper reel choice is imperative to a successful day on the water. The key is knowing what will work best for your style of fishing. Here's how.

Setting Up A Baitcaster With Pete Ponds

With plenty of practice in the right settings, any beginner can head out on the water with the confidence of having a backlash-free day. Here's how.

Choose the Right Rod for the Job

To accommodate most fishing situations, an angler needs at least five rods. Here are the rods I believe you need to cover the basics.

Spinning Versus Baitcasting

Neither spinning nor baitcasting reels can do it all when it comes to bass fishing. So which is better?

The Long Rod Cometh

One of the most recent trends in bass fishing has been to use longer rods. Are they right for you?

The Right Application

This article will can help you get a better understanding of equipment and bait applications.

Choosing The Right Rod

Here's what you need to know to find the right bass fishing rod to make each fishing trip more successful.

Equipment Basics

Matching the right rod, reel, lure, and line sounds complicated, but it's actually quite easy once you read this article.

Know Your Reels

Fishing Reels: This article explains how adjust and maintain your fishing reels in order to get the best performance out of them.

So You Want To Buy A Bass Rod!

Confused by the enormous selection of today's bass fishing rods? We explain how to select your next fishing rod.

The Choice Between Spinning and Baitcasting

When should you use a baitcasting or spinning reel? Which is better? We help you figure it out.

Depthfinders, GPS, and Electronics

Here's how to use and maximize your electronic gear.

How To Install And Use Your Fish Locator

Depthfinders are expensive investments. We reveal valuable tips and tricks to help get the most from depthfinders.

Electronics: Identifying Forage

Top pros reveal how they use their fish finders to identify both fish and their prey. Discover their tricks inside.

Electronic Warfare

This information will provide you with a better understanding of the capabilities of the depth finder.

Reading Electronics

Use your electronic eyes wisely and don't get wrapped up in chasing after every blip and bleep you hear or see. Here's how!

Choosing Electronics

Confused by the myriad of options available on today's electronic equipment for bass boats? You're not alone.

GPS: Where Do You Want To Go Today?

Fishermen aren't likely to do away with their paper maps, but GPS can be an aid in finding that exact spot.

Finding Your Way Home

Getting lost on a new lake is more common than you think, but it doesn't have to be that way...

Electronics Power Up

Don’t let price or technophobia keep you from updating or adding to the electronics on your boat. Invest in a modern unit, you’ll be paid back in more bass.

Create A Complete Picture With Your Electronics

Fishing electronics are full of functions — traditional sonar, scanning sonar, side imaging and mapping. Bassmaster Elite Series angler Josh Bertrand explains how to harness the collective power of these functions to catch more bass.

Using Less Expensive Electronics

No deck space or budget for an array of big-screen electronics? That doesn’t mean you’re stuck fishing blind. Use these tips to get more from less-expensive graphs, which pack good things in a small package.

Don’t Fish Blind in the Winter

Your electronics are as important to fishing success in winter as summer. Three Bassmaster Elite Series anglers tell you where to use them and what to look for when water temperatures plummet.

Technology and Fishing

What type of electronics are available today, and do they help you catch fish? Find out inside!

Get Serious About Depthfinders

An in-depth article explaining how depth finders work, and how to use them to catch more bass.

Electronics 101 Class

Today’s electronics are more sophisticated with units featuring 2D sonar, down imaging, side imaging, and mapping. Here's the fast track to learning them!

Best Fishing Apps for 2017

Keeping a fishing log WILL make you a better fisherman. These apps make it easy for you.

Where To Place Your Electronics

Today’s fishing electronics unveil the underwater world in ways thought impossible a few short years ago. Here’s how to place them in your boat so those views are always clear.

Outdoor Gear

From sunglasses to sunscreen, what you wear can make a huge difference in your fishing success!

Protect Those Baby Blues

Why do all the pros wear sunglasses - even on cloudy days? We reveal why it's so important inside.

Why Polarized?

So you've decided to buy a pair of sunglasses and heard something about "polarized". What is it and why is it important to fishing?

The Sunglass Advantage

Sunglasses are just as important as any other tool in your arsenal. Mike Iaconelli reveals how he uses his to win championships!

What to Wear Fishing This HOT Summer

Fishing in the summer can be fantastic, unless you choose the wrong clothing. Read this to avoid making that mistake!

Protecting Yourself from the Sun

Here's how to dress comfortably while protecting yourself from damaging sun rays.

Dressing Right for Each Fishing Season

Being properly dressed will greatly add to your comfort. And being comfortable always lends itself to a more productive fishing day.

Made In The Shade

What is best for anglers when it comes to picking lens colors, lens composition, fit and other factors?

Sunglasses Improve Fishing

What could possibly be the benefit to wearing sunglasses on a cloudy day? Find out why inside.

Dress For Success

Options for clothing and other gear for fishing have exploded in recent years to the delight of anglers. Here's what to consider.