Depthfinders, GPS, and Electronics

Here's how to use and maximize your electronic gear.

Electronics Power Up

Don’t let price or technophobia keep you from updating or adding to the electronics on your boat. Invest in a modern unit, you’ll be paid back in more bass.

Best Fishing Apps for 2017

Keeping a fishing log WILL make you a better fisherman. These apps make it easy for you.

Create A Complete Picture With Your Electronics

Fishing electronics are full of functions — traditional sonar, scanning sonar, side imaging and mapping. Bassmaster Elite Series angler Josh Bertrand explains how to harness the collective power of these functions to catch more bass.

Using Less Expensive Electronics

No deck space or budget for an array of big-screen electronics? That doesn’t mean you’re stuck fishing blind. Use these tips to get more from less-expensive graphs, which pack good things in a small package.

Don’t Fish Blind in the Winter

Your electronics are as important to fishing success in winter as summer. Three Bassmaster Elite Series anglers tell you where to use them and what to look for when water temperatures plummet.

Technology and Fishing

What type of electronics are available today, and do they help you catch fish? Find out inside!

Get Serious About Depthfinders

An in-depth article explaining how depth finders work, and how to use them to catch more bass.

How To Install And Use Your Fish Locator

Depthfinders are expensive investments. We reveal valuable tips and tricks to help get the most from depthfinders.

Electronics: Identifying Forage

Top pros reveal how they use their fish finders to identify both fish and their prey. Discover their tricks inside.

Electronic Warfare

This information will provide you with a better understanding of the capabilities of the depth finder.

Reading Electronics

Use your electronic eyes wisely and don't get wrapped up in chasing after every blip and bleep you hear or see. Here's how!

Choosing Electronics

Confused by the myriad of options available on today's electronic equipment for bass boats? You're not alone.

GPS: Where Do You Want To Go Today?

Fishermen aren't likely to do away with their paper maps, but GPS can be an aid in finding that exact spot.

Finding Your Way Home

Getting lost on a new lake is more common than you think, but it doesn't have to be that way...