Finesse Baits

Finesse bait tips and tricks. Take these lessons and apply them to your own fishing!

Fishing A Westy Worm

This lure, the double-hooked, pre-rigged worm, is probably responsible for more big bass than any other lure in this state.

Finessing Finicky Smallmouth

Here are three sure-fire approaches that will put the weariest smallmouth in the boat.

Fishing Finesse Worms with John Murray

Discover how you can use finesse worms in any body water to catch tons of bass! Pro John Murray reveals his secrets!

Six Ways to Trick Out a Finesse Worm

Use these tips to help you put fish in the boat by adding just enough flair to get you noticed.

Favorite Power-Fishing Lures Have A Softer Side

Small worms aren’t the only option when conditions force you to finesse fish. Here are five lures that you should throw when the bite is tough.

Hair Jigs Are Versatile Smallmouth Catchers

Hair jigs are more powerful than their simple components suggest. Available in an almost infinite number of styles and sizes, they catch smallmouth under a variety of conditions.

Grub fishing with Pete Wenners

Here's how to catch not only numbers on grubs, but quality bass as well.

Is My Texas Rig Shaky?

The Texas Rig and Shaky Head rig both catch a lot of fish. Learn about them here!

Fishing The Neko Rig

A heavyweight version of the wacky worm has become a hit with pros on the tournament trail. Learn about it here.

Tips and Tricks for the Do-Nothing Worm

This bait is easy-to-use and catches fish. It practically works itself. You – do nothing.

Fishing the Ned Rig

Learn how professional angler Bill Lowen fishes the Ned Rig to catch big bass!

Finessing The Worm

While they may lack the pizzazz of more colorful lures, bass find the French fry quite tasty.

Jig Worm Fishing with Guido Hibdon

Many touring pros have dubbed it shaky head fishing but Guido Hibdon likes to call it jig worm fishing. Find out why inside.

The Hubbub About Grubs

One of the original soft-plastic lures, grubs consistently produce bass. Learn the tricks in this article.

Swimmin' For Smallies

There are several tricks that have proven successful in any smallmouth haunt. Try this one the next time you go fishing.