How To Choose Lures

Learn how to choose fishing lures for different conditions.  From the top selections to making better decisions, we have you covered.

How To Improve Your Fishing

If you want to improve your fishing, you may try to increase the time you spend fishing doing this.

Go Big or Go Home

Large lures can be the trick, whether searching for big bass, matching the hatch or treating yourself to the fast fishing of fall’s feeding frenzy. Here's how!

Choosing Lure Color

How do YOU choose color? Do you use what a buddy told you was working? Here's a better way.

Favorite Power-Fishing Lures Have A Softer Side

Small worms aren’t the only option when conditions force you to finesse fish. Here are five lures that you should throw when the bite is tough.

Don’t Let Labels Stop You From Fishing These Lures For Bass

Design, marketing and popularity can connect certain lures to certain fish species. But labels hide a lure’s full potential. Discover the bass-catching power of these five musky, pike, trout, walleye and panfish lures.

What's On The Menu?

When selecting lures to use for the day, try to envision what you think should be on the menu for the bass you are going to try to catch.

E.A.S.Y. Baits

The reason for having these baits tied on at all times is that these baits always work. Find out what they are inside!

What's The Best Lure?

What's the best bass fishing lure? This is probably the most often asked question we hear. We give you the answer here!

If They Could Only Have Four Lures

We asked top pro anglers if they could only have four lures for the rest of the season, what would they choose?

Six Must Have Bass Lures

If you can only have 6 fishing lures to take with you, which ones would you pick? We reveal them inside!


So how do you find that elusive Go-To bait? More importantly, YOUR Go-To bait? Find out inside.