Jerkbaits (Hard and Soft Plastic)

Excellent tutorials about jerkbaits, Senkos, and other minnow baits. Big-time producers throughout the entire year!

Chillin’ With Jerkbaits

Fishing just got better and better as the morning went on and temperatures climbed. It was obvious that jerkbaits were the ticket for spring smallmouths.

Floating Rogues for Spawning and Postspawn Bass

When bass are on beds or protecting fry, try a lure from the good old days for some fun topwater action.

Catchin’ Bass Is No Fluke

Anyway you cut it catching bass on a fluke can’t be considered a lucky accident. Here's how to master catching bass on Flukes.

Stickworm Fishing with Stephen Browning

Despite its homely appearance, the stickworm appeals to both bass and anglers no matter when or where it is applied.

Plastic Cigars

Want to catch bass the easy way? Use a Senko! We reveal Senko tips, tricks, and secrets inside.

Effective Soft Sticks

In the hands of a skilled angler, Slug-Gos, Flukes, Senkos, Centipedes and more become incredibly alluring.

Burning the Banks

Many anglers have a lot of confidence in jerkbaits. Here's how to maximize your results with both hard and soft jerkbaits.

The Versatility Of Jerkbaits

In the case of jerkbaits we often think of them as topwaters. We show you some new ideas in this article.


Jerkbaits have been proven over and over to not only catch bass in numbers, but catch quality bass as well.

All Year Jerkbaits

Top pro Mike Iaconelli reveals his winning jerkbait patterns for every season - a original!

Dingy Water Jerkbaits

When the fishing action gets slow, you may have to get down and dirty to find the real keepers.

Vertical Presentations with Horizontal Baits

You'll be amazed at the results that can be obtained by presenting your confidence lures with a horizontal look.

Weightless Worms

If you're after a trophy bass, the worm is probably the best type of lure you can use. Here's a new technique to try!