Excellent jig tips, tricks, and tutorials for big bass throughout the entire year! Take these lessons and apply them to your own fishing!

Swim Jigs Are Not Just For Largemouth

After spending the long winter in the depths, smallies cannot wait to get into the shallows to put on the feed bag. Here's a unique way to catch them!

The Crawdad Connection

If you’re headed to any of the country’s top smallmouth waters better go prepared with a good assortment of crawdad imitating lures. Here's what you need to know.

Skip Your Way To More Bass

Bassmaster Elite Series angler Andy Montgomery skips his lure like a stone, putting it farther under overhanging cover, such as boat docks, than most anglers. He tells you how, so you can catch more bass, too.

Hair Jigs Are Versatile Smallmouth Catchers

Hair jigs are more powerful than their simple components suggest. Available in an almost infinite number of styles and sizes, they catch smallmouth under a variety of conditions.

Fishing Swim Jigs with Gerald Swindle

Learn the most effective swim jig techniques for tricking giant bass into biting from the master, Gerald Swindle.

Build The Best Swim Jig Outfit, From Rod To Lure

Bassmaster Elite Series anglers Jason Christie and Steve Kennedy know swim jigs are potent bass catchers. But unleashing that power requires the perfect balance of rod, reel, line, and lure. Here’s how they fish theirs.

Swimming Jigs In The Fall

Catch monster bass on swim jigs using these techniques!

The Money Bait

Denny Brauer, David Walker, and Tommy Biffle reveal key jig fishing tips every serious bass angler should know.

Jigs and How to Use Them

Here's how to fish jigs for bass. Reels, line selection, trailers, techniques, and more - it's all here.

Learning To Love Bass Jigs

Anglers either embrace or detest fishing bass jigs. If you’re in the latter group, here are some tips to build your confidence in one of the best big-bass baits.

A Case For Jigs

Jigs are arguably one of the most productive bass lures of all time. Find out how to get the most from jig fishing in this article.

Multiple Uses of the Jig

The simple jig is so versatile it can be used throughout the year. Here's a seasonal breakdown of how to catch bass on jigs!

The Jig Is Up

Want to catch more bass? Use a jig. Great tips for catching more bass are revealed inside!

Denny Brauer's Jig Tips

No doubt that Denny Brauer is king of jig fishing. He reveals his jig fishing tricks and secrets!

Jigging For Success

Once you master a jig-and-pig, you will catch more bass. Here's how to excel with such a seemingly simple bait.

Jig Fishing Specifics

Luremaker and jig expert Craig DeFronzo provides plenty of insight and ideas to make you an expert at fishing the jig!

Jig Tactics for Bass

Give these tactics a try this season and you will see that there is never a bad time to use a jig.

Deep Water Jigging

Jigs aren't just for shallow water. Move a little deeper and it could really pay off! We reveal deep jigging tactics inside!

How To Fish Jigs In Deep, Cold Water

Don’t put your jigs away once shallow summer spots stop producing. They catch deep bass in late fall and early winter, too.

Why Ike Throws Fur When Things Get Hairy

Bassmaster Classic Champion Mike Iaconelli reveals why he reaches for a hair jig when things get tough.

Big Jigs

When it comes to tough fishing conditions, which is better, small or large jigs? Find out inside.

Swim Jigs for a Subtle Alternative

Here's how to catch fish on swim jigs, from somebody who clinched a tournament victory on them.

Jig, Worm or Tube?

Jig, Worm or Tube - can't decide which to use? You're not alone. Two pros reveal what to use and when inside.