Plastic Worms and Creature Baits

Productive fishing tips and tricks for plastic worms, lizards, and other creature baits.

Texas Rigs Top to Bottom

The Texas rig is one of the most versatile ways to fish for bass. Here are some of the most productive ways to fish it.

Floating Worm Trick for Spawning Bass

The floating worm will produce both numbers and quality fish during the spawn. Here's how!

Fishing Finesse Worms with John Murray

Discover how you can use finesse worms in any body water to catch tons of bass! Pro John Murray reveals his secrets!

Six Ways to Trick Out a Finesse Worm

Use these tips to help you put fish in the boat by adding just enough flair to get you noticed.

Texas Rigs for Soft Plastics - Brent Chapman

Any time he is flipping or pitching into heavy cover, B.A.S.S. angler Brent Chapman favors using a Texas rig for his soft plastics. Here's why.

Wacky Jigheads Are Serious Bass Catchers

Rigging soft-plastic lures through the middle is a time-tested presentation. Using a specially designed weighted jighead adds a twist that catches more bass from more places.

Choosing Lure Color

How do YOU choose color? Do you use what a buddy told you was working? Here's a better way.

Is My Texas Rig Shaky?

The Texas Rig and Shaky Head rig both catch a lot of fish. Learn about them here!

Tips and Tricks for the Do-Nothing Worm

This bait is easy-to-use and catches fish. It practically works itself. You – do nothing.

The Lowly Worm

How did this by-product of modern chemistry make its way to the fishing world in the first place?

Plastics Baits

Plastic baits come in enormous varieties. This article covers the different plastic baits and how to fish them.

Soft Plastics...A Breakdown

What about these new plastic baits these days? How do you rig them and what do you do with them? It's all explained inside.

Blobs And Squiggles

They may look odd, but one thing is for sure -- learn how to use these baits because they do catch fish.

Going to The Creatures

Creature baits are here to stay. If you are not making them part of your bass fishing you are missing out.

Fishing Like An Idiot

At times unusual techniques will produce when no other will. When it comes to worm fishing, sometimes it's best to fish like an idiot.

Being Frugal With Soft Plastics

Why do we break the bank when buying plastics? It doesn't have to be this way. Here's why.