Do scents work? Do certain scents turn off fish?  These articles tackle those questions and more!

Tommy Biffle on Fish Attracting Scents

Using fish attracting scents makes a lot of sense to Bassmaster Elite Series pro Tommy Biffle. Here's why.

Smell Of Success

Longer lasting and more powerful, today’s fish attractants help you catch more bass. Here’s how to use them.

Making Sense of Scents for Smallmouths

Should you include scents in your fish-catching equation? If so, why? Discover insights inside.

The Impact Of Odors On Bass

Does gasoline residue actually repel bass? What about "fish formulas"? Dr. Ronald Dodson brings us his findings inside.

Scents and Nonsense

We all try to do everything possible to make the artificial lures we fish with as real and as lifelike as we can. What about scent?

Scents and Attractants: Do They Work?

Do scents give you an advantage, thus putting a few more fish in the live well? Read this article to find out.

Fish Attractants, Are They Really Worth It?

There has been a lot of controversy over Fish Attractants, or Scents. Some people swear by them while others never use them.

Four Offensive Factors

We reveal four of the biggest, and most common, foul-odored culprits that can keep you from catching fish.