Spinnerbaits, Umbrella Rigs, and Underspins

Awesome tutorials about Spinnerbaits, Umbrella Rigs, and Underspins. Excellent ways to catch some bona fide giants!

5 Ways to Store Spinnerbaits

Of all the different kinds of baits that bass fishermen use, spinnerbaits have to be among the toughest to keep organized. Here are five ways to organize spinnerbaits.

Picking The Perfect Swimbait For Your Umbrella Rig

FLW Tour pro Shane Lehew knows what makes the perfect umbrella rig, from the number of arms to the swimbaits. Here’s how he matches the latter to current conditions, making it an even more powerful bass-catcher.

Fishing The A-Rig In The Winter

The A-rig has produced some big bites in recent winters. Here are the best ways to use it.

New Spin On Underspins

A Bassmaster Classic win refocuses the spotlight on a regional lure that catches as many Northern bass as Southern ones.

Spinnerbaits And Buzzbaits

Want to catch more bass with spinnerbaits and buzzbaits? Then you need to know these techniques!

Spinnerbaits! A Bait You Should Really Try

Here are some of the most effective spinnerbait presentations found to be successful time after time.

Bulldozin' Blades

The versatile spinnerbait can be fished in a variety of ways. Two tactics the pros employ are "slow-rolling" and "dead dragging".

Spin City

Big spinnerbaits can produce big bass. Learn the techniques from spinnerbait specialists Art Ferguson, Rob Kilby, and Kevin VanDam.

Spinnerbaits - A Bait For All Seasons

Spinnerbaits are one of our most versatile baits, but often underutilized. Here's how to expand your spinner savvy.

Spin Meister

Here's how you can maintain high spinnerbait productivity under heavy fishing pressure with these deep water tactics!.

Selecting The Proper Spinnerbait

Develop a simple checklist for choosing the appropriate bait and greatly increase the number of bass you catch on spinnerbaits.

Good Vibrations

While willowleaf blades are all the rage, pros in the know still use the Colorado when times get tough.

Spinnerbaits! An Overview

Spinnerbait blues got you down? With these tips you should be able to land more big bass with spinnerbaits.

Are Spinnerbaits Dead? Part 1

Spinnerbaits aren’t nearly as en vogue as they once were along bass fishing’s most high-profile tournament trail. But does that mean they're dead?

Are Spinnerbaits Dead? Part II

VanDam got his first professional win 19 years ago using a spinnerbait on Lake Lanier in December of 1992. Does he still use them?

A-Rig Changes Fishing To The Fifth Degree

Will the A-rig bring more changes to bass tournaments and fishing in general? Will its place in fishing history to be cemented?

Fishing the Alabama Rig

What type of fishing rod, reel, and line should you be using to fish the Alabama Rig? We tell you inside!