Excellent swimbait tips and tricks. Take these lessons and apply them to your own fishing!

For Numbers AND Size, Try Swimbaits

If you haven’t tried swimbaits yet, you need to grab some and try these tips!

Swimbait Secrets

Good things come to patient anglers who use swimbaits, as long as they do this...

Big Swimbaits Catch Bass Everywhere

Swimbaits that measure 7 inches and longer can be intimidating to fish. But with the proper gear and mental preparation, you can use them to catch the biggest bass in your lake, regardless of where you live.

All Bass Love Swimbaits

Fishing swimbaits isn’t rocket science. But the best techniques are outlined here.

Fishing Swimbaits for Bass with Marcus Sykora

Whether fishing shallow, deep, or suspended bass, a swimbait will produce quality fish year round. Here's how.

Winter Paddletail Swimbait Tactics

Less is more sometimes for Jimmy Mason when he fishes paddletail swimbaits in the winter. Here's why.

Proven Jointed Swimbait Tricks for Insane Limits

Learn these little-known swimbait tricks that earned back-to-back tournament victories.

10 Best Swimbait Tips

Swimbaits are dynamite lures – these tips will help you catch even more fish with them.

Go Deep With Swimbaits

While most anglers fish them in shallow water, swimbaits are more than a one-trick pony. Two Bassmaster Elite Series anglers tell you how to use them in deep water to catch more and bigger bass.

Swimbaits Are Hot In Cold Water

Don’t limit your swimbait fishing to spring and summer. Bassmaster Elite Series angler Paul Mueller shares the adjustments he makes to keep these bass-catchers producing when the water turns cold in winter.

How Jay Yelas Fishes Swimbaits

Swimbaits trigger strikes from both numbers of bass and big fish year round. Here's how.


Records have been shattered, monsters have been caught on swimbaits during the spawn, but did you know they work all year long?

Swimbaits – How and When to Use Them

Swimbait fishing is often hard to learn, but the rewards are amazing. Learn from the pros here!

Swimming Into Summer

To fish swimbaits in the summer requires some extra planning and at least a couple of different baits tied on at all times.

Swimbait Gear for the Beginner

Swimbaits can be a fun and awesome world to step into. Here's how to gear up and get started!

Swimbaits For Smallmouths

Smallmouth bass are wired for speed and can spot a fake a mile away. Therein lies the beauty of the soft-plastic swimbait.

Rigging The Huddleston Deluxe

This step-by-step rigging technique will help you to land a bunch of big fish on the Huddleston trout lure.