Tackle Making and Lure Modification

Check out these tackle making tutorials and tricks, plus learn new ways to tweak lures to make them perform even better!

Coloring Soft Plastics with Mark Menendez

Mark Menendez favors dipping his soft plastic baits in dyes to get stronger bites from bass. Here are his tricks.

40 Lure Mods To Catch More Fish

Forty things you can try that will change the sound, action, profile, or flash of your lures. Give some of them a try.

Making Crankbaits

Do you want to make your own crankbaits? Here's detailed instructions on how to make your own crankbaits!

Making Crankbaits Part II

Here's how to make your own crankbaits at home. Part 2 in a series.

Creating Crankbaits

So you want to make your own crankbaits but don't know where to begin? This article instructs you how to create your own lures.

Where It All Begins And Ends

Discover how Strike King designs, tests, and creates lures.

Painting Masterpieces

Tim Hughes' custom painted lures are winning tournaments everywhere and are in high demand by the pros.

Lure Make-Overs

An old lure can offer new catches with just a little modification. Here are some top tricks to catch more bass!

Lure Modification

Here's some simple modifications to lures that can result in differences in both visual appeal as well as enhancement of their action.

Making Lures Glow

Glow-in-the-dark colors could make a difference. If you like to modifiy your own lures, here's how to make them glow.

Hand Made Tackle: A Fine Art

When you catch your first fish on a piece of tackle that you have created, pride will fill every inch of your body.

Pouring Plastic Worms

There can be a lot of fun and creativity in your leisure time pouring worms. Here's what you need to know to get started.