Topwater Baits

Awesome instruction on frogs, buzzbaits, Zara Spooks, and other topwater baits for giant topwater blowups!

5 Tips for Summer Frogging

Frogs should be a big part of your summer arsenal whether you’ve got slop on your waters or not. Here's how to master it.

Topwater All Day

Catching bass on topwater lures is exciting, to say the least. But sometimes it's tough to get a topwater bite going.

Topwater Baits Explained

Here's an overview on how to use the most popular kinds of topwater baits from a professional guide.

Topwater Tips

Most people alter topwater baits to increase their performance. We reveal our most productive tips inside.

Timing Topwater Bites

Learn when certain topwater baits work, and which bait is right for your particular circumstance in this article.

Topwater: A Really Misconceived Type of Lure

Top bass pro Mike Iaconelli explains the most common misconceptions with topwater baits. A exclusive!

Go Early, Stay Late Topwaters

Don’t limit your topwater fishing to summer. These tips will let you enjoy those exhilarating strikes nearly year-round.

Walk The Dog For Topwater Thrills

Old pro Charlie Campbell show how he walks the dog with his Zara Spook, and reveals his secrets!

Fishing The Zara Spook

Do this, and you will be enjoying the excitement that only comes from a bass exploding on YOUR Zara Spook.

Oh Rats!

Here's a great guide to fishing rat lures that produces big fish!

Hangin' Six

Fishing topwaters in shallow water can reap rewards, if you play the game right. We reveal top tips inside.

The Devil’s Horse – A Propbait Served Southern Style – Part I

Does this bait catch fish? Oh ya! Discover the true secret to fishing a Devil’s horse here.

The Devil’s Horse – A Propbait Served Southern Style – Part II

Learn propbait modifications, as well as where and how to fish the famous Devil's Horse!

Buzzbaits & Other Topwaters

These topwater baits are often underutilized. So make noise and splash it up on top to catch more bass!

Churning Bass

A buzzbait is built to cover water and catch bass. You’ll do more of each if you follow these tips.

Bass On A Buzzbait

There's nothing better than watching a big bass blast your buzzbait out of the water. Here's how to make it happen!

Buzzbait History

Buzzbait fishing is not only fun, it can load the boat as well. We reveal top tips to help you catch lunker bass!

The Real Thrill of Bass Fishing

Most bass angler's agree: Topwater fishing is the most thrilling kind there is. Here's how you can get in on the action.

Working The Top

There's nothing like a topwater strike! Inside you'll find a variety of tricks to try the next time you tie on a topwater.

Take It To The Top Pt.1

Popper baits: When, why, how, where, and what - we reveal everything you need to know.

Take It To The Top Pt.2

Walking baits: When, why, how, where, and what - we reveal everything you need to know.

Topwater Bass Fishing

What are the top ten topwater baits for bass fishing? We reveal them, and why you should use them inside!

Big Bass Are No Fluke

Doing this sometimes give your fluke the subtle zing that is it needs to catch big bass.

Frogs Catch Bass

Imagine the water's calm surface exploding as a bass violently swings its head back and forth with your frog in its mouth.

A Look At Frogs In Detail

Frog baits are big bass baits. Discover the secrets of successful topwater fishing with frog baits in this revealing article.

Froggin' for Bass

Discover what rods, reels, line, lures, and techniques are needed to fish a frog successfully in this article.

Weightless Worms

If you're after a trophy bass, the worm is probably the best type of lure you can use. Here's a new technique to try!