Tube Baits

These tube bait techniques will catch them throughout the year!

Jarrett Edwards On Tube Fishing

The tube is a phenomenal underrated bait for bass fisheries across the country. Unique tips and tricks are revealed inside.

Tubes: They’re Not Only For Smallmouth

Largemouth love tubes, too. Here are five ways to use these versatile soft-plastic lures to catch them.

Tube Baits Explained

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How To Fish Tube Baits

If you haven’t fished a tube lure lately you’re ignoring one of the best lures in the country. Here's how to effectively fish tubes.


Tubes have all the qualifications of a top-notch bass lure. They have the feel, appearance and action that make them appealing to a bass.

Tubing On Big Water

Tube baits have undergone some changes and are making a big comeback. Here are some tips on fishing them.

Gitzits: An Angler's Favorite

Gitzits are one of the deadliest baits a bass fisherman can use. They can also be one of the toughest to master.

Tube Tactics

With virtually unlimited rigging and presentation options, tubes deserve a place in every bass angler's tackle box.

Tubing For Bass With Glenn Browne

Flipping tube tactics is what this article is about. Pro Glenn Browne reveals his tricks and tips!