Become A Better Angler

There's a lot to learn from these articles. This is information you can use the entire year!

The Difference-Makers

What separates pros from weekend anglers when it comes to catching bass? Four pros point out the differences they see, so weekend anglers can focus on them and catch more bass.

Pros’ List Top Tips and Mistakes

The following lists are the pros top tips and the biggest mistakes they see many anglers make. Are you guilty?

It's All In The Details

Paying attention to these small details will help you catch a lot more fish. Discover what they are inside.

Matching Activity Levels To Catch More Fish

Why do anglers struggle to catch fish on a regular basis? The revealing answer is explained inside.

Doing This Will Make You a Much Better Bass Angler, Guaranteed

If you’re really serious about being a better fisherman, don’t moan about not doing this sooner – do it now!

How To Get More Bites

Don’t give up on a spot just because the bass are no longer biting, especially when you know there are more there. Here’s what you should change to generate more bites.

Keep Track Of Your Future Fishing Success

Fishing logs are a time-tested way to become a better angler. But developing a deeper understanding of bass and how to catch them involves more than using one to record details from your fishing trips. You must read between the lines.

How's Your Bass Persona?

Bass anglers, are always trying to improve the techniques they use. But they might be overlooking the most important thing.

Thirteen Kinds of Bass Anglers

Every fisherman is every one of these personalities all at once. Which one are you today?

Versatility Is A Virtue

You’ll catch more bass surfing seasonal movements and daily conditions than swimming against them. Here's how.

Learning New Tactics

Attempting to learn new ways to fish can be very frustrating. Here are some tips to make the process easier.

The Learning Curve

It doesn't matter if you are a beginner, advanced or one of the best pro anglers in the nation, you can always learn more.

Attitude Adjustment

In your next tournament forget about finding secret lures, secret spots or getting lucky. Here's the most important thing.

Developing and Retaining Fishing Confidence

Confidence in bass fishing can take years to build but only one day to break it down. Here's how to keep that from happening.

Open Minded

Most bass fishermen get locked into certain beliefs concerning bass fishing. Buck the trend and catch more bass.

Adapting On the Water

Most successful tournament anglers have to be versatile. They must be able to adjust to the bass throughout the day.

Be Versatile

If you want to become a better tournament angler, you need to fish all types of water conditions and locations.

The Success Formula

What is the key to a successful day on the water? How can you become more consistent? The answer is inside.

Factoring Out Luck

Want to do better at tournaments? Learn from 4-time Classic winner Rick Clunn how he consistently catches fish.

Visualization: Seeing Is Believing!

Bass anglers have one of the most powerful tools available to them, but very few take advantage of it. Discover the secret inside.