Finesse Fishing

Finesse fishing tactics often work best when all others fail. You can catch some monster bass if you master these techniques!

Finesse Baits for Pre-Spawn Bass

Most of the time, you’ll downsize your lures when finesse fishing, but the most important thing is technique. Discover how to catch prespawn bass with finesse techniques in this article.

Fishing Finesse Worms with John Murray

Discover how you can use finesse worms in any body water to catch tons of bass! Pro John Murray reveals his secrets!

Six Ways to Trick Out a Finesse Worm

Use these tips to help you put fish in the boat by adding just enough flair to get you noticed.

The Jig Is Up For Smallmouths

To really take advantage of the versatility of jigs, you need to know what jig works best and when. We explain inside.

Favorite Power-Fishing Lures Have A Softer Side

Small worms aren’t the only option when conditions force you to finesse fish. Here are five lures that you should throw when the bite is tough.

Micro Tactics For Bass

You wouldn’t think that something this tiny would even interest a bass, but they do. I’m talking about catching 4- and 5-pound bass or larger

Wacky Jigheads Are Serious Bass Catchers

Rigging soft-plastic lures through the middle is a time-tested presentation. Using a specially designed weighted jighead adds a twist that catches more bass from more places.

Shaky Head Worm for Suspended Bass

Here is a sure fire way to catch bass even during the heat of summertime.

Finesse Jig Fishing With Brian Maloney

Discover why the finesse jig is the 365-day-a-year jig.

Fishing The Neko Rig

A heavyweight version of the wacky worm has become a hit with pros on the tournament trail. Learn about it here.

Is Bigger Always Better?

Big baits equal big fish, right? Not always! Small baits can catch huge bass too. We show you how inside.

Getting Small

Using small lures is not for everyone and it does not work all the time. But under certain conditions, it can pay real dividends.

Small Baits, Big Rewards

On your next fishing trip, don't forget about the little baits, because they definitely have their place and time in your fishing success.

The Split Shot Rig

The split shot rig is a deadly tactic on lethargic bass. Perhaps one of the best places to utilize this rig is...

Finesse On A Split Shot Rig (Splitshotting 101)

Being good at split shotting takes concentration and skill, and that pays off by improving your overall fishing prowess. Here's how!

Drift & Drag: Patience A Priority

The Drift & Drag, sometimes labeled boring and slow, can load the boat if done properly. Discover the secrets inside.

Learning How To Slow Down

Patience can sometimes be the key to catching monster bass. But there's more to it than just that. Here's why.

Finesse Fishing with Terry Scroggins

Terry Scroggins explains how he caught more than half the keepers he hauled to the B.A.S.S. scales using finesse techniques and a spinning reel.

Finesse Fishing Tricks

Slow, easy and yet incredibly deadly, finesse techniques work when other methods fail. This article details how to use finesse tactics.

Finesse Fishing

If there is a truly misunderstood bass tactic, Finesse fishing is it. We demystify the technique to help you catch more bass.

Try The Finesse Side Of Bassin

Lighten up a little. Finesse bassin holds the key to success when the bite gets tough. We show you how.

Sissy Sticks and Giggy Bass

Jig worming is a technique to try when other presentations fail. Here's how to coax even the most wary bass into biting.

The Resurgence of Doing Nothing

Many anglers simply do not have the patience to fish this technique, but when the going gets tough, it's a proven producer.

Ultralight Fishing

When fishing gets this tough and you're faced with a fishless day, sometimes all you can do is go to light tackle.

The Truth About Light Tackle

Light tackle fishing does not necessarily mean you have to use tiny baits and wimpy rods. Discover what we mean inside.