How To Find Fish

Finding fish is crucial to success. Take these lessons and apply them to your own fishing!

Seeing is Believing

Electronics give anglers an important underwater view, but they don’t see everything. Sometimes your eye is the best fish-finder.

It's All In The Details

Paying attention to these small details will help you catch a lot more fish. Discover what they are inside.

Matching Activity Levels To Catch More Fish

Why do anglers struggle to catch fish on a regular basis? The revealing answer is explained inside.

Finding A Seasonal Pattern

Seasonal patterns determine where you should be fishing. Your most important asset for developing a seasonal pattern is...

How To Develop A Pattern

If you've ever wanted to learn more about developing fishing patterns, this is something you need to read!

Just How Long Is Long Enough?

How long should you spend time with a certain bait or at a location when fishing for bass? Find out inside.

Top to Bottom Bass Fishing

Whether fishing on top or 20 feet deep, discover the secrets to catching bass in all depths.

Deep Water Jig and Pig

The jig is one of the best baits you can use to not only catch deep bass but to figure out where they are located.

Top 5 Spots for Finding Bass Quickly

The next time you're in a pinch trying to find a few biting bass, give these locations a try. You might catch a big bass!

Bass in a Basket: Look Closer

Lots of lures catch fish, but location means the most. Learn how to find bass from George Kramer. A exclusive!

JVD’s Top Five Tips for Breaking Down Northern Natural Lakes

Whether you’re an absolute beginner, a weekend warrior or an aspiring pro, here are his top five tips for attacking northern waterways.

How To Find Bass On New Lakes

Connecticut angler Paul Mueller has found much bass tournament success — including qualifying for two Bassmaster Classics — far from his home. Here’s how he becomes familiar with unfamiliar waters.

Learning New Lakes

Here's how to get a crash course on a new lake and learn the local's secrets when you have a tournament or are just going fishing.

Solving the Big Water Puzzle

Big bodies of water can be intimidating for anglers. Where do you start? What do you throw? We help solve the riddle inside.

Unfamiliar Waters

With a little knowledge and preparation, any angler can approach a new lake with enthusiasm and confidence.

A New Approach

Fishing a new lake can be pleasant, or not. It takes proper preparation in order to increase your odds of a pleasant experience.

Approaching New Water

If you're planning a trip to a new lake, you can greatly increase your chances of catching fish by following these tips.

Fishing Unfamiliar Lakes

Many fisherman experience the frustration of fishing for bass in unfamiliar lakes. Here are a few tips, tricks and tactics to help you out.

How to Cover Water

Following these tips in order will produce results and raise your fishing skills to the next level.

Where's The Bass?

Don't know what look for when it comes to locating bass when you're on a new lake? Discover the best places to start inside!

Fish Don't Tweet

Here's how to find and catch bass in small lakes and ponds year round!

Using Online Resources to Catch More Fish

By using readily available online tools to perform a little research off the water, you can improve your strategy on the water.

Understanding Lake Maps

The trick to lake maps is knowing how to read them. This article will help you understand how to read a lake map effectively.

Charting Your Catch

How do you know what a good lake map looks like? How can a map help you catch more fish? We answer these questions inside.

10 Tips For Success

There are about 10 basic rules that you should use if you wish to succeed on unfamiliar waters.

School Success

Your best chance for the most reproducible fishing is when you have uncovered the riddles associated with schooling bass.

How To Establish A Pattern

Discover what establishing a pattern means, and how making (sometimes subtle) changes to your presentation can lead to success!

Establishing A Pattern

Often mentioned, but rarely explained, establishing a pattern is a goal of every serious bass angler.

Run & Gun vs. Stay & Play

Personal style and environmental circumstances are determining factors in a pro angler's decision on where and how to fish.

Weekday vs. Weekend Bass

Don't get stuck on weekday fishing patterns when the weekend rolls around. You'll probably need to...