How To Fish Weeds, Grass, Docks, And Other Cover

Awesome techniques for fishing common cover. These articles reveal the best ways to catch absolute giants!

Dock Fishing with Casey Scanlon

Docks are productive year-round, so here are tips on how to fish this type of cover throughout the four seasons.

Bill Lowen on Fishing Grass

When the grass is green and thick, use these techniques to trick bass into biting.

Fishing Submerged Grass

This underwater cover will produce bass year-round once you learn to find and fish it.

Bassin’ In The Grass

Determining which type of grass or weeds the bass prefer is a big step towards finding the right location and defining a pattern. Here's how.

Brian Snowden on Spooning Docks

Spooning for dock bass produces both numbers of fish and quality bass. Here's how to do it.

Punching Big Bass In The Mouth

Punching baits through heavy cover where big bass has always been a challenge...until now.

Skip Your Way To More Bass

Bassmaster Elite Series angler Andy Montgomery skips his lure like a stone, putting it farther under overhanging cover, such as boat docks, than most anglers. He tells you how, so you can catch more bass, too.

Weed Fishing with Todd Faircloth

Here's how to fish matted vegetation during the dog days of summer and the hot weather of early fall.

Catching Suspended Bass in Standing Timber

When early summer bass suspend in standing timber, top pros knock on wood to get their attention. Here's how.

Bass Fishing Tips on Fishing Marinas

Marinas are great shelters for boats, but savvy anglers know these giant boathouses are also great places to catch a large number of fish and quality bass.

Probing Weeds for Summertime Bass

Aquatic vegetation is ideal summertime cover for catching huge bass. Here's how to catch them!

How, When, and Where to Fish Marinas

Next time you launch, don’t just motor through the marina and take off. Spend some time in there – you may be very pleasantly surprised.

Fishing The Green Stuff

If you find good growths of various types of vegetation on a lake, you can find bass somewhere around or in it during the day.

Bass In The Trash

Getting at bass where they live can take some gear, techniques, and know-how, some of which is rather far out.

Catching Bass From Emergent Grass

Big bass love aquatic grass, especially the emergent varieties. Here’s how to find the most productive stretches and fish them.

How To Fish The Weeds

Perhaps the easiest and most reliable place to find fish is in the weeds. Discover how to effectively fish the weeds inside.

How Terry “Big Show” Scroggins Fishes Aquatic Vegetation

A lot of fishermen become immediately overwhelmed by a lake full of vegetation. But really, it’s as simple as...

The Finer Points of Punching Mats

Here's how to catch bass that lurk in seemingly endless acres of grass mats.

Good Wood

What makes one dock or log better than another? You'll know when you consider these few factors.

Dock Fishing 101

These tips will help you to catch bass from one of the greatest places to catch them from, docks!

Expand your dock fishing

Dock fishing is more than pitching jigs to pilings. Use these other approaches to catch more bass.

Boat Docks for Bass

Give these dock fishing tips a try and you might just catch a few more bass on your next trip.

North Country Docks

Don't be concerned about fishing behind other anglers, remember these tips and there's still a good chance you'll load the boat!

Attacking Wooden Docks

The next time you are out on your home waters, check around for the oldest wooden docks, and start fishing them like this.

Bass and Cover

How does a Classic Champion pick apart cover and maximize his fishing results? Find out from Michael Iaconelli.